Industrial Refrigeration

Our dedicated industrial refrigeration team designs, engineers, and manufactures custom systems to meet critical process requirements for production, processing, packaging, freezing, and storage applications in the Cold Storage, Food Processing, Biopharmaceuticals and Ice Rink industries.

Cold Storage

Hillphoenix helps companies ensure the integrity of the cold supply chain with innovative traditional and sustainable refrigeration solutions. Our custom centralized industrial refrigeration equipment cools millions of square feet of warehouse and distribution space throughout North America.

Food Processing

Our engineers have decades of experience solving the most difficult process cooling challenges in industrial refrigeration from food safety to employee comfort. Hillphoenix food processing solutions are designed to provide cost effective, efficient systems for optimal processing-room environments.


For companies involved in the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products, the regulatory and safety issues are myriad. High-value pharmaceutical products call for added emphasis on proper process cooling and cold storage. Trust Hillphoenix industrial refrigeration systems to maintain the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products.

Ice Rinks

Ice rinks across North America look to Hillphoenix to help “future proof” their facilities by moving to industrial refrigeration solutions with natural refrigerants. For example, our Advansor Direct Transcritical CO2 system for ice rinks delivers improved ice quality and pump power savings of up to 90% compared to traditional systems.

NXTCOLD Ultra-low Charge Ammonia System

The inherent hazards of using ammonia for refrigeration have resulted in a tangle of regulatory liability and personal safety concerns — until now.

Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Applications

Commercial/Industrial systems designed and produced by Hill PHOENIX have handled applications as big as one quarter of a million square feet.

Longo’s Distribution Center

When Longo’s Supermarkets set out to build a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified head office and distribution center in 2009, they looked to Neelands Refrigeration Limited and Hillphoenix…

NXTCOLD's Ultra Low-Charge ERIC Technology

ERIC — Electronic Refrigerant Injection Control — is a patented technology developed for freezers, blast freezers, coolers and temperature controlled environments that reduces the amount of ammonia necessary in a system to only 8 ounces of ammonia per ton…

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