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Hillphoenix Power Systems is the leader in integrated power distribution. We created the category and lead the markets we serve through innovation, collaboration, consultation, and the application of technology to create value for our customers.

Hillphoenix industrial power system customers include large and small format retailers, hospitality, industrial facilities and restaurants. Search below, email us or call 770-285-3264 to learn more about our expansive line of integrated electrical solutions.

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PowerCenter™ from HillPHOENIX® is your single-source for cost-effective, reliable power distribution from project construction to established operation. Consistently manufactured to your exact specifications, PowerCenter is a completely modularized, integrated electrical distribution system in a custom enclosure.

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PowerFlow™ utilizes a high-end, industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) that provides the most dependable electrical power and control available in today’s petroleum market. PowerFlow incorporates industry-standard, winning practices for ease-of-installation and start-up, while providing exclusive standard features found nowhere else in the industry. This compact, yet comprehensive system, can be purchased as a standalone, customized power distribution system.

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PowerOn™ emergency power applications help customers deal with the unpredictable and financially devastating nature of power outages.

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PowerWall® is a compact, cost-effective, flexible power distribution and control system for today’s convenience store requirements.

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