Sustainability Center

Want to reduce your refrigerant risks and carbon footprint?

Did you know that Hillphoenix has more equipment installed at GreenChill certified stores than any other manufacturer? Not to mention the ONLY manufacturer with equipment installed at Platinum Awarded Stores. See how we can help YOU!

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Creativity Center

Want your stores to stand out in the crowd?

Why would you want standard equipment that makes your stores look like someone else’s? We don’t think that makes sense either. That’s why Hillphoenix products offer the flexibility, creativity and innovation to help YOU attract more customers and increase sales.

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Energy Store

Want to reduce your operating costs?

Over the years, Hillphoenix’s leadership in innovation has helped customers significantly reduce their refrigeration energy requirements. See how we have the Energy2Lead. Visit our Energy Store and discover how we can help YOU.

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Power Systems

We are the leader in integrated power distribution. Reduce construction costs, reduce construction time, and alleviate critical path timing with Hillphoenix Power Systems.


Leaders In Power Distribution

Hillphoenix is the leader in integrated power distribution. We created the category and lead the markets we serve through innovation, collaboration, consultation, and the application of technology to create value for our customers.

Our extensive industry expertise uniquely positions us to provide our customers with cost effective integrated power distribution systems that allow them to reduce construction costs, reduce construction time, and alleviate the risks associated with electrical construction to better serve their community and customers.

Meeting Your Power Demands

Hillphoenix pioneered the integrated, electrical design and manufacturing category and continues to lead it today. As installations become more complex and sophisticated,  the demands on power delivery and power quality go up exponentially. Hillphoenix Power Systems was created to meet those demands, and have the smartest, most efficient and cost-effective way to distribute power on any job.