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The US Department of Energy states an effective grocery store energy upgrade begins with a store recommissioning which identifies opportunities of improvement for refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC systems.  These areas make up 90% of a store’s total energy use and improvements from a recommissioning effort typically have a simple payback of 1.1 years or less*.

*US DOE’s Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide: Grocery Stores (2013)


Recommissioning can be the backbone to any energy savings or store upgrade.

Recommissioning may be done either periodically to ensure a store’s systems are operating at their designed set points or after performing significant maintenance, replacement, or upgrades to a store which fundamentally change how a store will perform.

Additionally, recommissioning may be done at different levels, from whole store recommissioning to system-specific recommissioning (such as: refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC).

When it comes to a grocery store, the environment of the store is important. How it is lit, how comfortable the space is for shoppers, and the freshness and proper temperatures of food are key factors in the total shopping experience.

Making positive changes to a store such as Close The Case (CTC) will improve the shopper experience significantly by warming aisles, providing better lighting on products, and maintaining more consistent case and thus food temperatures. CTC also adds the opportunity to take another look at the refrigeration system. A store which completes a CTC project will gain excess capacity and reliability. Are controls and set points where they should or could be to reap maximum efficiency? Is the HVAC system tuned to meet the changes in the store’s environment (often gas is required to run in cold aisles even during warmer times of the year — after a CTC project, this gas may be secured and savings ensue)?

Hillphoenix can be your partner in determining what level of recommissioning your store could use and what savings opportunities from operations and maintenance may be reaped from recommissioning. The US Department of Energy states on average a full facility recommissioning may reap as much as 16% energy savings simply by returning the building to original design specifications. Customers have seen as much as a 10% savings in energy by simply recommissioning the refrigeration system.

Be rewarded for recommissioning. Many utilities offer incentives for stores which undergo recommissioning efforts.

Recommissioning not only improves the performance of a store and its systems, but may also rectify on-going operating or maintenance issues.

Recommissioning may provide insights into other opportunities such as:

  • Close The Case
  • ECM Fans
  • LED Lighting and Controls
  • SweatMiser Anti-sweat Heater Control
  • Low Heat Doors – EMS Controls

Recommissioned stores may see energy savings as high or greater than $.29/ft2*

Recommissioned stores may see extended equipment life and non-energy related savings of as much or greater than $.18/ft2*

*Source: Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide: Grocery Stores

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