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Refrigeration is a major expense in every supermarket. The energy demands of deli cases, meat cases, dairy cases, freezers, reach-ins, walk-ins are huge. And with margins hovering around 5%, any savings on the energy required for all that can have a major impact on a store’s bottom line. Locking down that savings across an entire operation can be a daunting, exhausting prospect. Yet, it’s easy for storeowners with Energy Lock from The AMS Group at Hillphoenix. Energy Lock experts do all the work through The AMS Group energy-saving products and services specifically dedicated to improving performance and cutting costs.

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Close The Case

Blow the doors off energy savings —
by putting doors on.

Deli, dairy, meat, produce, beverage cases, any cases open to the air open a store up to a host of problems and inefficiencies. Close The Case solves those problems and improves the merchandising of every open case simply by adding a door to it. Products stay fresher, lighting improves, the whole case environment improves. Close The Case is a comprehensive Energy-saving and customer-retaining turnkey program combined.  (READ MORE)




LED Lighting Systems

LED systems shine a brighter light on savings.

Adding and/or replacing outdated systems with LEDs is a trend that is growing and accelerating for retailers of all types and sizes. The advantages of replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs add up on so many fronts, from greatly improved performance to direct comparisons in energy consumption.  (READ MORE)





Why you need to sweat the small stuff.

Sweatmiser anti-sweat controllers use reliable solid-state relays to pulse current that maintains surface temperatures above the dewpoint which minimizes energy consumption.  (READ MORE)




EC Fan Motors

Quiet efficiency wins every time.

The EC (Electronically Commutated) motors used in fans are more efficient at “moving air” than their more common counterparts — permanent split capacitor (PSC) fan motors. To the tune of 1/3 the energy usage! In the competitive retail arena savings like that can really add up.  (READ MORE)




Another set of eyes is another
way to save.

The US Department of Energy states an effective grocery store energy upgrade begins with a store recommissioning which identifies opportunities of improvement for refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC systems.  These areas make up 90% of a store’s total energy use and improvements from a recommissioning effort typically have a simple payback of 1.1 years or less*. (READ MORE)

* US DOE’s Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide: Grocery Stores (2013)



Incentives and Rebates

It pays to be recognized for your efforts.

Though every utility is different, many of them have specific programs in place to reward companies and stores for their efforts to conserve energy and improve on energy consumption. Hillphoenix has the resources and experience in place to help navigate the process and manage as much or as little as is needed by our customers.  (READ MORE)




Turnkey Capability

Turnkey is the key.

The AMS Group is a single company that offers a single source, turnkey capability for every one of its comprehensive energy upgrades. That means a no hassle, “one call and it’s done” convenience unmatched by any other company in the marketplace.  (READ MORE)




Partners in Sustainability

Another set of eyes is another way to save.

The AMS Group makes it easy to for a retailer to enter the discussion when it comes to energy savings and the pursuit of more sustainable alternatives. The sustainable trend has been growing for years, with companies and their customers becoming more aware of their economic, environmental and social responsibilities. Consumers make buying decisions based on sustainability considerations.   (READ MORE)