No-Heat Freezer Doors? No Sweat!

by Jonathan Tan, VP Energy Services The AMS Group Food stores are complex. What it takes to merchandise effectively, on one hand, and operate efficiently, on the other, can be at odds with each other. Heated cooler and freezer…

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Evaporator Fan Retrofits Do More Than Save Energy

By Jonathan Tan, VP Energy Services The AMS Group, Hillphoenix Electronically commutated (EC) motors have been an alternative to induction (shaded pole and permanent split capacitor) motors in evaporator fans for the past decade. Although EC motors can reduce…

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Video: Coolgenix versus other conduction cooling cases

Only Coolgenix deck pans use pulse flow control technology to maintain natural moisture levels and preserve the integrity of meat and seafood. Other conduction cooling cases claim to work like Coolgenix, but they don’t. Protect the integrity of your…

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For most utilities, natural refrigerants are a tough sell

By Keilly Witman KW Refrigerant Management Strategy LLC The fundamental difficulty with the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is that, for most utilities in the country, greenhouse gas emissions in and of themselves are irrelevant. Most of the…

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Category: Refrigeration Systems, Second Nature & CO2

Don’t Overthink Merchandising Behind Refrigerator Doors

Does merchandising behind closed doors stress you out? Margie Proctor, Hillphoenix marketing & design specialist, offers some tips for merchandising glass-front cases.  

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