You Mean There IS a Difference?

Some folks will have you believe that there’s little or no difference in which refrigerated service display case you choose for best offering your fresh meat, poultry, and seafood to your customers. Don’t buy it! At least, not if you care about optimizing your profit and selling the freshest cuts possible. As one of the main areas to drive customer [...]

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Double the display life of cut meat; save employee labor hours with Coolgenix

Meat and seafood departments present huge, high-margin opportunities for supermarkets. In the consumer’s mind, purchasing meat and seafood from a trusted grocer best ensures it is fresh and safe. These offerings enable grocers to differentiate their stores from discount and online retailers and build loyalty with local shoppers. But meat and seafood departments present challenges, too. The product is costly [...]

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Video: Is your display case stealing moisture from your meat and seafood?

To understand how conduction heat transfer preserves the natural moisture content of meat and seafood, it helps to understand the alternative: traditional convection-cooled cases. Most convection-cooled meat and seafood display cases work in one of two ways. The most common way uses fans to drive the circulated air; this method is called forced convection. A second approach relies on the [...]

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That’s So Cool…Literally!

In the world of refrigerated service display cases, “cool” is the name of the game. And there is no place where this is more important than the sale of fresh meat, poultry and seafood products. Keeping these products at the proper temperature can affect everything from shelf life and product integrity to the very safety of the food itself. Obviously, [...]

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CO2 offers unexpected benefit: less product shrink

By Derek Gosselin Hillphoenix Systems Product Manager Today’s grocery shoppers demand more fresh offerings — from cut fruit to prepared meals — and this changes the profitability equation for supermarkets. Fresh sells, but as perishables become a larger percentage of a store’s mix, it’s essential to extend how long those products are fit for sale. That’s why grocers are adding [...]

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Hillphoenix supports Coolgenix customers with onsite training

By Derek Gosselin Hillphoenix Systems Product Manager Using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant seems like a new solution to today’s challenge of lowering the global warming potential of commercial refrigeration systems. But, as industry researcher James M. Calm has documented, the use of CO2 as a refrigerant actually stretches back to 1866. In subsequent decades CO2, ammonia and other early [...]

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Does your meat department need a makeover?

Want to attract more customers to your high-margin meat and seafood departments? Start by standing where they do — in front of your refrigerated display cases. Then ask yourself a few questions: Is your attention stolen by crowded signs, melting ice, visible cleaning equipment or other distractions? Does lighting give meat an off-putting, brown or grayish hue? Does seafood look [...]

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