Hillphoenix AdvansorFlex CO2 Brings Sustainable Refrigeration to Retailers of All Sizes

Hillphoenix, a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, now brings HFC-free refrigeration to small and medium-sized retailers. The company’s new AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system delivers all the benefits of natural CO2 refrigeration in a compact and scalable format…

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Securing Energy Incentives Isn’t a DIY Endeavor for Supermarkets

by Leigha Joyal Energy Analyst, Hillphoenix Food retail is among the most electricity intensive commercial enterprises, and store owners want to reduce their consumption and their bills. Utilities want to see that happen, too. Containing consumption is more cost…

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The Future for Naturals is Now: Utility Incentive Success Stories

By Keilly Witman KW Refrigerant Management Strategy LLC Much has been written over the past few months about the potential for utility incentives based on natural refrigerant use in supermarkets. The word “potential,” as well as the nature of…

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Anti-Sweat Control that Makes Sense and Saves Money

by Jonathan Tan, VP Energy Services The AMS Group Did you ever think about how much heat there might be in your frozen food aisles? There could be heat on the door glass, the frames around the glass, and…

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