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Anti-Sweat Control that Makes Sense and Saves Money

By Published On: February 3, 2016

By Jonathan Tan, VP Energy Services
The AMS Group

Did you ever think about how much heat there might be in your frozen food aisles? There could be heat on the door glass, the frames around the glass, and the frames on the cases. The heat prevents moisture from forming on the glass and frames – which is essential. But did you know heat is needed only a fraction of the time to be effective? Yet many stores still have uncontrolled heat, which operates all day, every day. This is wasted electricity – and money – in the form of using more heat than is needed and increased refrigeration load to compensate for it.

Anti-sweat heater controls are a great solution. They monitor the ambient conditions in the store and pulse heat only as needed to keep door temperatures above store dew point and thus condensation free. But not all solutions are equal. Many require a controller to be installed in each and every case, which increases both installation costs and opportunities for equipment failure.

A better, more-cost effective solution is a single unit that controls the heat for all cases.

SweatMiser makes everything easier

The SweatMiser anti-sweat heater control is a single, centralized unit that can manage multiple zones within a store, delivering only the heat that’s needed to each. SweatMiser works with all makes of EMS (energy management systems) and uses simple push-button navigation rather than the various dip switch configurations found in most anti-sweat controllers. With cross-platform standardization and a universal interface, SweatMiser is a single, technician-friendly solution that works for an entire chain.

More ways to save

Along with eliminating unnecessary heat and reducing refrigeration load, SweatMiser ensures energy savings targets are achieved. If existing controls are left in bypass mode after maintenance or other store-level functions, SweatMiser automatically returns from bypass after 24 hours to ensure energy savings. SweatMiser also provides the option of turning heat off during utilities’ peak demand periods (typically between noon and 6 PM), when rates can be as much as 10 times higher than in off-peak periods.

Value is central

You can expect years of trouble-free operation with SweatMiser’s 40-amp solid state relays and oversized heat sinks. And compared with installing controllers in every case, equipping a typical 100-door with SweatMiser can cut installation costs by about half, for a simple payback often less than a year.