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Plant Based Food is Here to Stay

Gone are the days when consumers can only eat meat from animals. Now, the emerging trend of plant-based food is going above and beyond market shares. As the younger generations seek sustainability amid food crisis, plant-based meat, milk, and cellular-based seafood are on the rise. Make room for plant-based foods on your supermarket shelves because it isn’t going anywhere this [...]

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Are Robots the Future of Grocery Stores?

The evolution in the food retail industry as we know it has completely changed over the past few months. E-commerce stores have shot up, automation has been widely adopted in the food retail industry to keep up with the demands of consumers and technology has significantly impacted our industry for the better. Now, with the proliferation of intelligent machines in [...]

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The Future is Accelerated: Full-on E-commerce Adoption is Just Around the Corner

The past few months have accelerated the digital strategies of some food retailers in the country. Some implemented makeshift e-commerce platforms to cater to customer needs and some reinforced their in-store online initiatives, like store mobile apps, in the hope of adapting in today’s innovative times. Due to recent events, we were greatly propelled into a shift to the digital [...]

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