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All ALDI US Stores Will Transition to Natural Refrigerants by 2035

Rapidly growing grocery chain ALDI unveiled a new goal to transition to natural refrigerants across its United States stores by the end of 2035, according to a press release from the company. ALDI already uses environmentally-friendly refrigerants in more than 600 stores and said it will purchase low global warming potential refrigerants for all new and remodeled stores. “Transitioning to [...]

Hillphoenix Earns EPA Greenchill Store Certification Excellence Recognition for 12th Consecutive Year

ATLANTA, GA, Oct. 10, 2023 — Hillphoenix, a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, has once again earned the GreenChill Store Certification Excellence recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  This achievement recognizes the commercial refrigeration systems manufacturer that installed the most advanced refrigeration systems in GreenChill-Certified Stores in the past year. Inclusive of the 2022-2023 cycle, Hillphoenix [...]

Self-contained vs. Remote Display Case — Which One Suits Your Business Best?

For grocery stores and supermarkets, refrigerated display cases are critical assets for everyday operations. When looking for a display case for food retail stores, choosing the right equipment that caters to retailers’ needs, like size, functionality, and installation requirements, is essential. Because retailers have different purposes for getting a food retail display case, their checklist of needs must be fulfilled [...]

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Why Brick-and-Mortar Stores Remain Relevant Amid E-commerce Proliferation

In a time of ultra-modernization, shopping for material things and groceries has been commonly conducted online. With the acceleration of the use of online platforms, such as e-commerce, online shopping has been the most convenient way for customers to purchase. However, despite the proliferation of e-commerce platforms in the food retail industry, brick-and-mortar stores remain relevant. As the rush of [...]

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Embracing Technology in Food Retail this 2023

Technological advancements have pushed food retailers to continuously innovate to improve their overall store operation and provide an enhanced customer experience. With the ever-changing climate and customer behavior in the food retail landscape, technology has been a primary driving force for food retailers to adapt to the developing industry’s needs. As we enter this exciting new year 2023, the use [...]

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Four Issues Surrounding Food Retail That Will Challenge Grocers In the New Year

Given the ever-changing nature and complexity of the food retail industry, challenges and difficulties are not a novel thing. However, with lingering, pandemic-induced effects still in evidence accelerated adoption of technology in the food retail landscape, and supply chain issues continuing to take their toll, the challenges in the upcoming year have the potential to be particularly taxing to grocers. [...]

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Four Reasons Why Self-contained Cases Are Great for Any Store Format

Finding the right display case is crucial for any food retail store, especially since display cases are essential for most merchandising strategies. Refrigerated display cases maintain product integrity, provide easy product access to customers, and enhance the overall customer shopping experience; that’s why choosing the suitable merchandiser tool is essential for any store operations. Aside from the conventional remote refrigerated [...]

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How to Get Ahead in the Food Retail Industry in 2023

As an industry, we have seen a long trail of both challenges and improvements throughout the years. When it comes to competition, the retail food industry can be one of the more cut-throat spaces due to different existing food retail formats, retail channels, and now the proliferation of e-commerce platforms. With 2023 just around the corner, it is best to [...]

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Holiday Season in Times of Soaring Food Prices

The upcoming fall and winter holidays are highly anticipated events for most Americans. However, the soaring prices of gas, essential items, and especially groceries,  threaten how we celebrate this year. As we are in the thick of inflation, consumers and retailers are challenged with how to balance expenditures versus cash flow. As expected, retailers are honing their strategies throughout the [...]

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A Look into the Future — Food Retail Predictions for 2023

The food retail industry has been immensely challenged, disrupted, and altered in the past several years, especially since the onset of the global health crisis. Now, as consumer behavior changes and the adoption of technology throughout the food retail landscape booms, the industry is in constant transition. Year over year, we have seen different trends and innovations shaping the food [...]

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