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How Food Retailers Can Maximize the Rise in Demand for Prepared Foods

Just like the Coronavirus pandemic, the rise in popularity of prepared foods is unprecedented. Consumers changing behaviors from cooking at home to hitting grocery stores for prepared food items have increased opportunities for food-retailers across the country. Just like for the grab-and-go sector, C-stores and grocery stores are taking the lead. Taking into consideration convenience, speed, and portability as the [...]

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What Makes CO2 the Future of Refrigerants?

Ever since the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment, the search for the most sustainable refrigerant expanded in the commercial refrigeration industry. Historically, refrigerants like Ammonia, Propane, and most especially Carbon Dioxide (CO2) have been widely used in the 20th century. Although CO2 is one of the most benign refrigerants, many were hesitant to consider it as a viable option due [...]

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To Retrofit or Build New Equipment: Retailers Dilemma amid Upcoming Refrigeration Regulations

The future of the commercial refrigeration industry is looking bright, but some challenges remain uncertain. There is one thing we are sure of though: refrigeration regulations are emerging, and it will greatly impact our industry in one way or another, coming sooner rather than later. Compliance with refrigeration regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy, [...]

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The CO2 Equator — Going … Going … Almost Gone!

The game is on! Synthetic refrigerants got out to an early lead but natural refrigerants have come roaring back. CO2 is up to bat and is poised to hit a home run, already having some key hits in this game with demonstrated lower energy and maintenance costs in both commercial and industrial refrigeration applications as well as providing the peace-of-mind [...]

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