To understand the future of commercial refrigeration, look to CO2’s past

By Derek Gosselin Hillphoenix Systems Product Manager Using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant seems like a new solution to today’s challenge of lowering the global warming potential of commercial refrigeration systems. But, as industry researcher James M. Calm has…

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Hillphoenix supports Coolgenix customers with onsite training

Moving to a new technology requires you to “think different,” as the folks at Apple say, and that’s true whether you’re in Silicon Valley or behind the meat counter at a neighborhood supermarket. The unique, conduction-based cooling technology at…

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The Shrinking Supermarket: 6 Essentials to Designing Small-Format Grocery Stores

The trend toward smaller stores is getting bigger. Small-format dollar stores and drug stores now claim about half of consumers’ short shopping trips, according to market researcher IRI. Meanwhile, traditional supermarkets are netting just 25 percent of those in-and-out…

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