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Retail Display Design: Learn. Discover. Plan.

The Design Center is a collaborative work space and showroom where Hillphoenix design professionals work with food industry retailers and experts from around the world to bring ideas to life.

Explore every aspect of food retailing from operations to merchandising to store technologies. Our Design Center experts are eager to share what’s new in store design, lighting, departmental programs, merchandising display design and energy efficiency. Curious about how an emerging trend or new technology might work for your business? Let’s talk!

Design & Concept

Together, we’ll transform your great ideas into tangible plans. Our Design Center consultants work hard to make sure every detail is working in harmony to achieve your goals — whether it’s a new store or a department redesign. Because we sweat the details, your project will happen on time, within budget and exactly as you envisioned it.

Lighting Consultation

From highlighting food products to setting the tone for the shopping experience, lighting is a key merchandising strategy for food retailers. Inside the Design Center, you’ll find compelling before-and-after lighting displays that reveal the critical role of lighting in successful retail display design. Learn which types of lighting will showcase your products best. And find out how new lighting technologies can put a significant dent in your energy expenditure.

Food Safety

Food safety and integrity is at the heart of everything we offer at Hillphoenix. After all, we’ve been doing commercial refrigeration for more than 130 years. Retail food safety today incorporates a range of considerations from food packaging technologies to refrigeration to prepared food operations. Our HACCP-certified consultants will show you how to manage your perishable and hot food programs safely and profitably.

Departmental Programs

Destination Centers are changing the way food retailers view departmental programs. From produce to prepared foods to meat and seafood, our design team can help you transform any department into an exciting and profitable shopper destination. We’ll show you how to use physical space more efficiently by deploying the optimal equipment, processes and merchandising strategies.


Trends come and go. Technology changes fast. The Hillphoenix Design Center was created as a hub for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Our industry-leading educational programs are a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the food retail industry. Programs cover timely topics in food safety, regulatory issues, industry trends, department-specific programs, prepared food trends and best practices, perishables management and merchandising strategies.

Energy Incentive & Rebate Program Management

Design Center experts help store operators reduce consumption and energy expenditures by identifying opportunities for improvement as well as ways to pay for them. Energy incentives and rebate programs help defray the costs of adopting energy-efficient technologies. We provide an ROI analysis that includes all the information you need to understand the cost effectiveness of projects and make informed decisions.

Design Center offers a variety of retail food design options The Design Center offers more than refrigeration products. They offer ideas, programs... a difference

Learn about food retail food safety, product shrink and more at the Design Center
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