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What Does the Future Look Like for Refrigeration Technicians?

For every commercial refrigeration service, whether installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting, we rely on refrigeration technicians to do the job. As a career opportunity, refrigeration technicians are some of the most in-demand jobs in the world today due to the rising need for refrigeration, whether it be in the retail, commercial or industrial sectors worldwide. Landing a spot in the refrigeration [...]

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Why Training Is Important When Dealing with Natural Refrigerants

The well-documented and ongoing battle against climate change is leading to increased regulation of the refrigeration industry pushing customers to switch from the use of HFCs as refrigerants to more eco-friendly alternatives, such as natural refrigerants. For example, the use of alternative refrigerants is also heavily driven by the existing and upcoming refrigeration regulations set by different environmental agencies, such [...]

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Four Things to Ask Before Hiring Refrigeration Technicians to Service Your Store

Refrigeration systems are one of the most important investments made when building and operating a food retail business. The performance, effectivity, and efficiency of these systems used to store, maintain, and display food products, are critical to the success of a food retail business. That is why when looking for refrigeration service providers to make repairs, installation, and maintenance in [...]

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Solving the Shortage of Refrigeration Technicians Through Recruitment and Training

Refrigeration has been an integral part of our daily lives since the day that we were born. Gone are the days when heating and cooling for buildings, commercial spaces, and residences is not necessary. Today, HVAC units are one of the first things installed when constructing establishments or residential units. If you look around, you can see property constructions and [...]

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Working From Home 101 – Working Outside of the Office Requires Focus and Strategy

  The workplace today has changed for the time being due to the recent challenges we are faced with and, for some of us, working from home is unchartered territory. Not only are we dealing with communicating with our customers and colleagues differently, but for some of us, we also have a spouse /partner /children sharing space and either working [...]

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Lessons Learned — Share Experiences and Advice with “Newbies” in our Industry

Many of us are constantly learning new things every day, and if you are like me, you become a lifelong learner looking to better yourself with each day. Since this is American Education Week, I started to think about our industry and how we have a great amount of experienced professionals that install, service, troubleshoot and maintain equipment on a [...]

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Food Safety: Kryptonite or Superpower?

No one likes to think about shoppers falling ill after buying something from or visiting your store.  But the threat is real and needs to be addressed with education and proper protocols. Food safety should be top-of-mind for any store owner or manager. Start your education by joining ServSafe Certified Trainer, Michael Williams, for his talk about foodborne illness prevention.  [...]

Supermarket Sense – Learn How to Elevate Your Brand and Your Revenue

Take your business to the next level by participating in top-notch food retail training.  Supermarket Sense is your inside scoop to the latest trends, upcoming strategies, and the evolving industry.  Join food retail experts as they take you through two days of new insights, meaningful discussions, and eye-opening ideas.  From directors and managers to merchandisers, and from architects to store [...]

Relevance Is King for Market Share

Evolution is part of any industry, including food retail.  In order to stand the test of time and to navigate the latest trends and newcomers, it’s increasingly imperative to remain relevant.  It’s not just about surviving -- it’s the key to thriving. What does relevance have to do with long-term success?  It’s how you build customer loyalty, stay top-of-mind with [...]

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Trends Drive the Dollars to Your Stores

It’s no secret that food trends drive the supermarket industry. From flavors to food choices, shoppers continue to seek, and often demand, new experiences in your stores. Engage customers and their wallets by anticipating and following appropriate trends for your area.  Join Mark DiDomenico at Supermarket Sense and get up to speed on flavors, flexibility, and functional foods. Try enticing [...]

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