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How Food Retailers Could Meet the Seafood Demand

Meal preparation and convenience have taken center stage with technology during the Coronavirus pandemic. And, since convenience and safety are in consumers’ minds for all the obvious reasons, fresh, frozen, and easy-to-prepare meals are topping sales charts. Seafood sales, both fresh and frozen, are seeing double-digit growth in 2020 and the growth is expected to continue. For food retailers, this [...]

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Merchandising Tips for Food Retail Amid COVID-19

The beginning of 2020 has been an eventful one, to say the least. The world has been turned upside down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and grocery stores have been designated as essential businesses supplying the necessary resources to feed and provide for their customers. As a result, businesses are also needing to rethink their store layout and [...]

Inspiration to Integration, Supermarket Sense Has It All

Excellence doesn’t materialize in isolation.  It’s the result of sharing ideas, participating in discussions, sketching out fresh objectives, and drafting a plan for execution.  Supermarket Sense is designed with all of this in mind for you and your food retail organization. Finding inspiration is simple in an opportune environment.  Soak up the latest on food trends, sample flavorful juices, and [...]

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Supermarket Sense – Learn How to Elevate Your Brand and Your Revenue

Take your business to the next level by participating in top-notch food retail training.  Supermarket Sense is your inside scoop to the latest trends, upcoming strategies, and the evolving industry.  Join food retail experts as they take you through two days of new insights, meaningful discussions, and eye-opening ideas.  From directors and managers to merchandisers, and from architects to store [...]

The Shrinking Supermarket: 6 Essentials to Designing Small-Format Grocery Stores

The trend toward smaller stores is getting bigger. Small-format dollar stores and drug stores now claim about half of consumers’ short shopping trips, according to market researcher IRI. Meanwhile, traditional supermarkets are netting just 25 percent of those in-and-out sprees, IRI reports. These statistics reflect a shift in consumers’ definition of convenience. The all-in-one big box is losing its allure. [...]

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New LEDs will have you seeing red in all the right ways

By Jonathan Tan, VP Energy Services The AMS Group, Hillphoenix Over the past decade or so, grocers have been reaping merchandising benefits of LED lighting in freezer cases. Despite initial limitations in LED color quality and total light output, both its cooler color temperatures and uniform illumination have literally cast frozen foods in a favorable light. Along with creating the [...]

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Before and after: Speedy fixes for merchandising mistakes

By Margie Proctor Hillphoenix Marketing & Design Specialist With no budget and only the merchandise on hand, I partnered with an independent supermarket customer to overhaul a closed-case display. The store’s merchandiser was focused on SKUs she was responsible for and spread the product too thin — so the set looked picked over. By cross merchandising, we were able to create [...]

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