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Social Commerce—What Is It and How Can Grocers Cash in on This Growing Trend

Social media has been one of the most powerful tools for sharing information and connecting people around the world. In different industries, such as food retail, social media is widely used to promote and share content for marketing and brand awareness. However, the days of social media being used exclusively for social networking and consuming content are over. Enter social [...]

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Natural Refrigerants FAQs—Here’s What You Need to Know

The use of natural refrigeration systems is getting ever more popular in the food retail industry. Due to different environmental regulations aiming to cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and the growing cost of HFC refrigerants, adopting sustainable solutions is the best way forward. However, natural refrigerants’ popularity doesn’t come without apprehensions and worries among retailers. This blog aims to clarify [...]

Food Challenges in 2022 and How Grocers Can Solve Them

The last few years, starting at the height of the pandemic, have been very challenging times for the food retail industry, to say the least. Issues from health and safety to unprecedented consumer demands confronted food retailers of all formats and sizes. Now, in 2022, food retailers are expected to face different but equally challenging issues in the food retail [...]

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What’s So Important About Stopping Global Warming Anyway?

The fight against global warming has been a long-standing crusade for many decades now. Today, the push towards curbing global warming and eradicating climate change is deeply visible in the media, government campaigns, and often included as part of corporate responsibility initiatives. These environmental efforts are so prevalent and already deeply ingrained in our culture that one may ask, “What’s [...]

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