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Inside CO2 vs HFC — The Differences At A Glance

Today, regulations are driving retailers to transition from HFC (synthetic) refrigerants to Low GWP refrigerant systems. Yet, for many, the decision to switch is clouded by many questions about the hidden differences between the two and how a low GWP system (e.g. CO2) may impact store design and product application, among other considerations. This document contains answers and information critical [...]

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Self-contained vs. Remote Display Case — Which One Suits Your Business Best?

For grocery stores and supermarkets, refrigerated display cases are critical assets for everyday operations. When looking for a display case for food retail stores, choosing the right equipment that caters to retailers’ needs, like size, functionality, and installation requirements, is essential. Because retailers have different purposes for getting a food retail display case, their checklist of needs must be fulfilled [...]

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Four Reasons Why Self-contained Cases Are Great for Any Store Format

Finding the right display case is crucial for any food retail store, especially since display cases are essential for most merchandising strategies. Refrigerated display cases maintain product integrity, provide easy product access to customers, and enhance the overall customer shopping experience; that’s why choosing the suitable merchandiser tool is essential for any store operations. Aside from the conventional remote refrigerated [...]

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What Makes a Good Self-contained Display Case?

In many food retail establishments, display cases are essential for their everyday operation. Display cases are the bread and butter of many food retail businesses to store and merchandise food, flowers, and other products. Display cases, such as self-contained cases, allow retailers the flexibility they need to merchandise different product applications and mesh with the store’s sales floor layout and [...]

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Display Case

When customers enter your food retail store, one of the first things they notice is your products showcased in your display cases. Well-merchandised display cases in store aisles and food departments easily catch customers’ attention while they browse through their grocery lists. In other words, display cases play an active role in properly promoting your product in-store and are a [...]

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R-290 FAQs — Things You Need to Know!

R-290, also known as refrigeration-grade propane, has proven to be one of the most viable alternatives to high GWP HFC refrigerants in industrial and commercial applications. Now that the search for sustainable and environmentally friendly refrigerants takes center stage due to the upcoming and existing refrigerant regulations, the use of R-290 is considered to be an innovative choice instead of [...]

Natural Refrigerants FAQs—Here’s What You Need to Know

The use of natural refrigeration systems is getting ever more popular in the food retail industry. Due to different environmental regulations aiming to cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and the growing cost of HFC refrigerants, adopting sustainable solutions is the best way forward. However, natural refrigerants’ popularity doesn’t come without apprehensions and worries among retailers. This blog aims to clarify [...]

“Pandemic Snacking” Is a Thing and Here’s How It May Affect Your Food Retail Business

Gone are the good old days when snacking was just for kids when they were bored or for munching something between meals to “tide you over.” Due to the current COVID health crisis, several eating behaviors have changed—and snacking is one of those. Snacking has evolved from typical and sometimes unhealthy snacks to a renewed focus on healthy snacking observed [...]

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How Food Retailers Could Meet the Seafood Demand

Meal preparation and convenience have taken center stage with technology during the Coronavirus pandemic. And, since convenience and safety are in consumers’ minds for all the obvious reasons, fresh, frozen, and easy-to-prepare meals are topping sales charts. Seafood sales, both fresh and frozen, are seeing double-digit growth in 2020 and the growth is expected to continue. For food retailers, this [...]

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C-Stores Gaining Traction Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

C-stores are seeing a rise in consumer spending in recent months due to reasons like proximity, convenience and safety. However, as consumers’ buying behavior changes, they are also demanding for more available products – not just shelf stable items – indicating a wave of opportunities coming for the channel. Consumer Rise in Spending and Demand Convenience stores' total spending boosted [...]

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