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Three Food Processing Industry Challenges and How to Solve Them

As the global population increases annually, the demand for food products continues to rise, putting more pressure on food production facilities worldwide. From the bread we eat for breakfast to the baked chicken we serve on our dinner table, all the food we consume comes from food processing facilities in and outside the country in one way or another. Needless [...]

By |2023-04-19T20:23:35+00:00September 19, 2022|Food Safety, Industrial|0 Comments

Changes in Consumer Buying Behavior in the Thick of Inflation

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the recent calamities happening overseas have hampered the global wheat supply and disrupted food production for meat and poultry. These recent unfortunate events have driven prices to go up and have alarmed food retailers, most especially grocery shoppers worldwide. In the country, almost every aspect of the grocery supply chain has been disturbed causing [...]

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