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Three Food Processing Industry Challenges and How to Solve Them

As the global population increases annually, the demand for food products continues to rise, putting more pressure on food production facilities worldwide. From the bread we eat for breakfast to the baked chicken we serve on our dinner table, all the food we consume comes from food processing facilities in and outside the country in one way or another. Needless [...]

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CO2 vs Ammonia—Which Refrigerant Is the Best for Your Business?

Natural refrigerants are found to be viable alternative refrigerants when it comes to industrial applications. First, they are energy-efficient due to their thermodynamic properties. Additionally, they offer a lower total cost of ownership than their synthetic counterparts, such as HFCs. More than that, natural refrigerants are safer for the environment since they have little or no global warming potential (GWP) [...]

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Challenges Surrounding the Use of Industrial Refrigeration Systems and How to Solve Them

Industrial refrigeration systems are a staple in many industries around the world when it comes to cooling operational processes. Whether for cold storage, cold supply chain, or temperature-sensitive products, industrial refrigeration has shaped the global landscape and its demand continues to grow. However, even with its expansive usage, there are still many misconceptions and apprehensions towards the usage of industrial [...]

How to Optimize Cold Storage for Food Retail and Industrial Applications

Through the years, cold storage has been a vital component in food retail and industrial operations. Commonly used by grocers to preserve food products and prolong the shelf life of perishable items, cold storage is employed as well by pharmaceutical industries to store temperature-sensitive products. Cold storage has been key to helping companies around the world achieve their business objectives. [...]

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Common Challenges Businesses Face when Installing Industrial Refrigeration Systems

When building and operating businesses, such as food processing and manufacturing, it primarily requires establishing industrial refrigeration facilities from the ground up. This is true especially when a business starts to grow and expand. Installing industrial refrigeration systems becomes a must and can sometimes end up being a complicated task. Business owners from different sectors face several problems when it [...]

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Hillphoenix Helps Businesses Meet Their Industrial Refrigeration Needs

When putting up or expanding a business, several challenges always come into play. Aside from curating strategies to improve sales, businesses are looking to streamline operations and optimize facilities especially in the food processing and cold storage industry. Across the country, several businesses are feeling immense pressure to find a way to solve their industrial refrigeration needs at the lowest [...]

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Trends in the Food Processing Industry That Businesses Should Take into Consideration

The food processing industry has been under extreme pressure since the start of the pandemic. With food safety being one of the top concerns due to consumers’ heightened awareness of health and wellness, the food processing industry has been under a microscope worldwide. Throughout the country, food manufacturing and food storage constitute one of the most important parts of the [...]

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