Trends in the Food Processing Industry That Businesses Should Take into Consideration

By Published On: July 2, 2021

The food processing industry has been under extreme pressure since the start of the pandemic. With food safety being one of the top concerns due to consumers’ heightened awareness of health and wellness, the food processing industry has been under a microscope worldwide.

Throughout the country, food manufacturing and food storage constitute one of the most important parts of the whole food l ecosystem. Many trends and innovations have emerged in the food processing sector since last year:

Increased Food Safety and Transparency

Food product recalls for meat, poultry and produce over the years have spiked consumers’ doubts about the safety of food in supermarkets. More than ever, food safety is a universal concern and the call for transparency when it comes to manufacturing, processing and storage of food products is essential. As a result, many companies are prioritizing their need to be transparent when it comes to their preparation, handling and storage of food.

Sustainability and Functional Food Products are in Demand

The shoppers’ ideas of sustainability have changed over the years. Right now, sustainability in the food processing industry includes how the  food products are made, sourced and produced, along with their packaging and food waste. Consumers are showing an increase in concern for sustainable food products and are willing to spend more if they believe they are helping the environment become more sustainable. Businesses who adjust their operations and shift towards sustainable practices are believed to get a higher share of consumer spending since customers recognize and respect their efforts at corporate environmental responsibility.

Also, the “health halo” effects on sustainable foods have given the rise to the demand for functional food products. Given the rising popularity of the sector, functional foods have evolved from typical fruits and vegetables to supplements, snacks, probiotics, fortified juices and cereals.

Adoption of Innovation and Technology in Food Processing

Leveraging technology to develop new food ideas, improve operational processes and promote transparency are sure ways to win the challenges in the food processing sector. Using new technological innovations such as fully automating cold and food storage, dark stores and fulfillment centers are gaining traction these days. In order to leverage technology, businesses must make sure to employ solutions experts that are knowledgeable in industrial refrigeration and food processing to provide the most cost-efficient systems for ideal processing-room environments.

As several food processing businesses burdened by the continuing adverse effects of the pandemic struggle to keep up with the demand of consumers’ needs, these recent innovations and trends demonstrate that the industry will continue to confront the challenges and forge solutions to the issues they face. Food processing sectors that continuously adapt and innovate to the ever-changing trends will be the ones who make it through and prosper.