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Lack of uniform modeling solutions hinders natural refrigeration adoption

Last month, we discussed the lack of effective performance baselines for natural refrigeration systems and how that makes it difficult for utilities to provide natural refrigeration incentives. In this article, we’ll talk about the second challenge faced by end users and utilities: the lack of good modeling software for natural refrigeration systems. When seeking incentives from utilities for natural refrigeration, [...]

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Add the element of surprise to create engaging closed-case displays

By Margie Proctor Hillphoenix Marketing & Design Specialist Here’s a challenge for all of you store merchandisers tasked with building great displays behind closed-case doors. Surprise and delight your shoppers with at least one unexpected design element inside the case. Imagine new possibilities Small creative touches can add interest to your in-case merchandising. Here’s a great idea for showing off [...]

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Smooth Operators: Small-format retailers simplify ongoing operations with CO2

Over the past several years, some notable trends have brought changes to the retail refrigeration space. Grocery stores are getting smaller, fresh-food options are gaining ground at retailers of every size, and ozone-depleting refrigerants continue to be pushed out by natural and sustainable options. At the spot where small-format, fresh-format, and sustainability converge, retailers may find themselves in unfamiliar territory [...]

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