Smooth Operators: Small-format retailers simplify ongoing operations with CO2

By Published On: May 4, 2016
Smooth Operators: Small-format retailers simplify ongoing operations with CO2

Over the past several years, some notable trends have brought changes to the retail refrigeration space. Grocery stores are getting smaller, fresh-food options are gaining ground at retailers of every size, and ozone-depleting refrigerants continue to be pushed out by natural and sustainable options. At the spot where small-format, fresh-format, and sustainability converge, retailers may find themselves in unfamiliar territory when it comes to selecting refrigeration equipment for a new location or a store remodel.

With the old distinctions between big- and small-format offerings becoming more than a little blurry, retailers are in need of a new kind of refrigeration system to fill the gaps between too-small and too-large systems, all while meeting environmental regulatory requirements and sustainability goals. Ideally, the system would also reduce or eliminate the ongoing operational issues common to many traditional refrigeration systems, such as excess heat generation, noise, and vibration.

A Scalable Solution

Hillphoenix designed its AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system with all of those needs in mind. With a footprint of about 20 percent smaller than standard commercial refrigeration systems or full-size CO2 options, AdvansorFlex provides natural CO2 refrigeration in a compact and scalable format that is perfect for stores of every size.  A single unit can serve as a centralized refrigeration system that meets the fresh-food needs of smaller format grocery stores. In larger stores, multiple units can be grouped together in a distributed system to meet increased refrigeration requirements.

Cool & Quiet Operation

The system’s vibration-resistant design and insulated, sound resistant enclosure reduce both component wear and noise, creating a better experience for store owners and shoppers alike.  Retailers can divert CO2 gas from the rack to remote air handlers for supplemental store heating needs, while an integrated exhaust fan solves the problem of excessive heat buildup, allowing store owners to ventilate the unit while keeping all doors on.

Cost-Competitive Sustainability

Perhaps best of all, AdvansorFlex is an environmentally sustainable HFC-free system that uses non-toxic, non-flammable CO2 as its only refrigerant. Because it relies solely on plentiful, all-natural CO2, AdvansorFlex is DOE and EPA compliant and exempt from future legislation and taxation.

CO2 refrigerant is significantly less expensive than traditional refrigerant, contributing to up-front and ongoing cost savings. The system’s lower return gas pressure improves compressor energy performance, and case temperatures are efficiently regulated by case controllers and EEV’s, reducing product shrinkage and keeping food fresher for longer.

AdvansorFlex’s sustainable technology can also help store owners achieve EPA GreenChill certification—a meaningful accomplishment for retailers and shoppers increasingly concerned about both freshness and environmental responsibility.

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