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Ask the Right Questions about Food Packaging Design and Materials

Dr. Keith Vorst is the Director for the Polymer and Food Protection Consortium at Iowa State University. Join Dr. Keith Vorst for “Make Every Package Count” at Supermarket Sense 2016, September 21-22 in Conyers, Ga. Many retailers are inclined to rely solely on suppliers for food packaging without asking the right questions regarding the specific needs of their stores. In [...]

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Prepared Food Safety is Critical for Managing Risk, Maximizing Opportunities

Join Michael Williams and Joe Sielski for “HACCP Plan – Ideas on Having a Strong Program for Prepared Meals and Deli” at Supermarket Sense 2016, September 21-22 in Conyers, Ga. Offering prepared and semi-prepared foods at retail supermarkets presents a great opportunity for grocers but also presents a potential for great risk if the food safety program is not properly [...]

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Snack-Sized Ideas for Growing Prepared Food Sales

Nearly all Americans snack at least once a day: 94 percent, according to market research firm Mintel. Half of adults snack multiple times a day, and many prefer healthier options. When you’re packaging prepared foods, are you offering portable and craveable packaged snacks? Customers aren’t just buying the food; they’re also buying the container. Or they’re eating with their eyes [...]

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Fresh-on-the-Perimeter — Inform and Entertain Shoppers with a Produce Destination Center

Join Jack Sjogren and Kelly Sayko for “Innovations in the Fresh Perimeter” at Supermarket Sense 2016, September 21-22 in Conyers, Ga. Today’s consumers expect a lot from their supermarket shopping trips. Not only do they want to see a range of fresh fruit and vegetable offerings, they also want to be educated about how to incorporate more of these healthy [...]

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