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Snack-Sized Ideas for Growing Prepared Food Sales

By Published On: August 17, 2016

Nearly all Americans snack at least once a day: 94 percent, according to market research firm Mintel. Half of adults snack multiple times a day, and many prefer healthier options. When you’re packaging prepared foods, are you offering portable and craveable packaged snacks? Customers aren’t just buying the food; they’re also buying the container. Or they’re eating with their eyes first. Are you making them hungry? Are they going to want to try your delectable, craveable creation?

Seventy percent of adults agree that nearly anything can be considered a snack. For added cravability, try packaging simple snack foods with fresh ingredients, unique flavor profiles, and a healthy message such as “protein packed.” Repackaging foods you already offer in more appealing ways can bring in new customers and keep existing ones happy.

Some items can be made to be eaten immediately, like:

  • Seasonal vegetables with hummus and grilled crostini packed into an easy-to-carry cup
  • Premade signature sliders in small boxes, rather than messy wrappers
  • An easy-to-use sushi tray that doesn’t make a soy sauce mess on your desk
  • Antioxidant-rich portable parfaits or frozen, blended protein-packed smoothies for getting pumped before a workout

Others can be creatively packaged for fridge-ready snacks:

  • Offer pre-made panini sandwiches that can reheat in an office toaster oven.
  • Pump up salad kits — frequently seen but often poorly executed — by adding vegetable protein options such as ancient grains and unique flavors like drunken soba noodles.
  • No-bake oat bars: Mix, chill, and display for a snack that’ll stay fresh and keep customers fed between meals for a week.
  • Dark chocolate dipped or drizzled oat bars add visual appeal, very few calories, and nutrient rich antioxidants.

Rolling out new snack options takes smaller bites out of your store’s space and can incorporate food prep processes you’re already doing. If you know who your customers are, you can help make their lives easier and create loyalty that they’ll share with their friends. By offering snacks your customers crave, you fill a void that your restaurant competition cannot.