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The Past is Connected to the Present – History and Evolution of Natural Refrigerants

According to a famous American Astronomer, Dr. Carl Sagan, “You have to know the past to understand the present.” If history has taught us one thing, it is that the past is connected to things that are happening right now. Whether in business or in life, history tells us that in order for us to understand what is happening around [...]

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Back-to-School Food Products That Are on Top of Shoppers’ Grocery Lists This Year

Most school districts have opened for in-person education and parents are back working in the office, family meal preparations are slowly going back to pre-COVID days. However, the pressure for planning family meals has also resurfaced. That’s why easy and quick meal preparations are back gaining traction once again. Healthy and simple meals for the kids as they go back [...]

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A Guide to Seafood Merchandising to Boost Grocery Sales

Product merchandising plays a key role in influencing store sales and bigger customer baskets. When it comes to merchandising food products, such as seafood which has been in the spotlight over the past few months, correct positioning and in-store promotions are essential to keep up with the demand and to keep sales growing. As customers continue to prioritize their health [...]

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How CO2 Training Plays a Critical Role in the Future of Refrigeration

The future refrigerants are geared towards the welfare of the environment. With sustainability at the core of the upcoming and existing refrigeration regulations from different agencies like EPA-SNAP and CARB, natural refrigerants are going to be the highlight in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industries moving forward. Since natural refrigerants such as CO2 are not like the usual HFCs and [...]

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