“Cool Math” Video: Add up the energy savings with CO2

Energy is a huge expense for supermarkets. A 50,000 square-foot store spends more than $200,000 annually on electricity. And here’s the cold, hard truth: Nearly half of that is spent on refrigeration. In most cases, a C02 booster system…

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Clarity line adapts to supermarket sizes and styles

By Kelly Sayko Hillphoenix Case Division Product Manager One-size-fits-all refrigeration equipment won’t work in today’s supermarkets, which come in all shapes and styles. What’s more, the growing popularity of store-within-a-store destination areas means a one-size refrigeration strategy may not…

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Discover ways to light up meat sales

By Jack Sjogren Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist The right lights produce results. Just ask the owners of this supermarket in Crestline, California, a summer tourist area. Our Hillphoenix team helped them rethink lighting in the store’s meat department, and…

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