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Clarity line adapts to supermarket sizes and styles

By Published On: August 27, 2015

By Kelly Sayko
Hillphoenix Case Division Product Manager

One-size-fits-all refrigeration equipment won’t work in today’s supermarkets, which come in all shapes and styles. What’s more, the growing popularity of store-within-a-store destination areas means a one-size refrigeration strategy may not even work across a single store.

These days, grocers need refrigeration equipment that’s flexible, and Hillphoenix’s Clarity line was designed with adaptability in mind. The Clarity V Series Door Case is a great example. Not only do V Series refrigerated cases offer customizable door, frame and handle designs to suit any décor, they also come in standard and narrow sizes to fit a variety of store footprints.

No matter the case size, V Series doors feature wide expanses of glass that enable museum-quality displays. In-case lighting enhances colors and reduces shadows, showing merchandise at its best. The cases turn chilled food aisles into galleries.

But the Clarity V Series isn’t only about looks. Its smart, functional design also enhances a supermarket’s operational efficiency. For example, the refrigeration coil sits at the bottom of the case, creating more shelf space up top — right in shoppers’ line of sight. Closed doors yield energy savings of 70%, compared to open cases. LED lights conserve energy, too, while also increasing visual impact. Optional motion sensors cut energy use even more by turning case lights on only when shoppers approach. Most important of all: The V Series’ advanced cooling technology lengthens product shelf life, extending food freshness and the sales cycle.

The V Series also simplifies layout. Removable casters make installing or moving cases easy. Freezers and refrigerators have the same dimensions, so they line up seamlessly side by side. The narrow V Series case is perfect for small-format stores; its streamlined design saves more than 6 inches in the aisle. Opt for the common-wall design for back-to-back cases, and save another 4 inches of aisle space.

One-size-fits-all equipment doesn’t suit today’s multifaceted supermarkets. But with Clarity’s V Series, grocers may find that one line of versatile cases fits all their refrigeration needs.