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Why Training Is Important When Dealing with Natural Refrigerants

The well-documented and ongoing battle against climate change is leading to increased regulation of the refrigeration industry pushing customers to switch from the use of HFCs as refrigerants to more eco-friendly alternatives, such as natural refrigerants. For example, the use of alternative refrigerants is also heavily driven by the existing and upcoming refrigeration regulations set by different environmental agencies, such [...]

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R-290 FAQs — Things You Need to Know!

R-290, also known as refrigeration-grade propane, has proven to be one of the most viable alternatives to high GWP HFC refrigerants in industrial and commercial applications. Now that the search for sustainable and environmentally friendly refrigerants takes center stage due to the upcoming and existing refrigerant regulations, the use of R-290 is considered to be an innovative choice instead of [...]

FAQs When Purchasing and Operating Commercial Refrigeration Systems

So, you have your food retail business set up, merchandise all planned out, and in-store promotions are ready, but do you have the right refrigeration solution in place? Commercial refrigeration systems are part and parcel of grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores. A refrigeration system consists of the equipment needed to make “cold” and the refrigerated display cases using that [...]

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Top 3 Reasons Why R-290 Self-contained Cases Are a Good Choice for Grocery Stores

Refrigeration has long been a resource for the food retail industry for preserving products and keeping them fresh during transport and in stores.  However, with current and upcoming federal and state laws and/or regulations in place to limit or phase out the use of HFCs in commercial refrigeration systems. Retailers are looking to substitute those refrigerants with natural refrigerant alternatives. [...]

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