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How Food Retailers Could Meet the Seafood Demand

Meal preparation and convenience have taken center stage with technology during the Coronavirus pandemic. And, since convenience and safety are in consumers’ minds for all the obvious reasons, fresh, frozen, and easy-to-prepare meals are topping sales charts. Seafood sales, both fresh and frozen, are seeing double-digit growth in 2020 and the growth is expected to continue. For food retailers, this [...]

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How Food Retailers are Preparing for the Second Coronavirus Wave

At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, food retailers were taken aback by unprecedented demand from consumers for essential items in store. From disinfectants and toilet paper to canned goods and frozen food items, retail stores experienced supply shortages. Meeting the demands of concerned consumers was almost impossible but somehow retailers found a way to adjust. So now, as we [...]

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Supermarket Fresh Prepared Is Going to the Dogs (and Cats)!

The supermarket fresh prepared area is finally going to the dogs, but in a good way! Earlier this month, the What’s in Store booth at IDDBA s showcased a unique variation on meal kits, and yes, it’s going to the dogs and cats! While meal kits for humans are on the rise, the pet meal kits are a viable option [...]

Lessons Learned — Share Experiences and Advice with “Newbies” in our Industry

Many of us are constantly learning new things every day, and if you are like me, you become a lifelong learner looking to better yourself with each day. Since this is American Education Week, I started to think about our industry and how we have a great amount of experienced professionals that install, service, troubleshoot and maintain equipment on a [...]

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Capable of Making a Difference — Give Your Refrigeration System a CO2 Boost

Many businesses in recent years have been looking to “future-proof” their operations and the food retail industry is no exception. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and other food retail establishments have been turning to products and services that offer an environmentally friendly alternative for their business. Refrigeration systems and display cases are no exception. Companies are seeking equipment that withstands the impact [...]

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Simplified Lunch – Where Flavor and Convenience Collide to Appease the Family Divide

Let’s be perfectly honest, kids would much rather have the option to eat “kid-friendly” foods than what grown-ups are eating. That pre-packaged snack meal or peanut butter and jelly sandwich are much more appealing than a salad, hummus, and vegetables or yogurt with fruit. Eating a healthy meal is imperative for growing children and providing that conveniently and on-the-go can sometimes [...]

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Four Revolutionary Ways Supermarkets are Using Technology to Change the Food Retail Industry

Technology has undoubtedly changed how we do business. Whether in healthcare, banking, or education industry, technology has disrupted the world now more than ever. And now, gone are the days when we trudge our shopping carts around grocery stores or wait tirelessly in line at check-out counters because technology is already catching up in the food-retail industry – and it [...]

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Working From Home 101 – Working Outside of the Office Requires Focus and Strategy

  The workplace today has changed for the time being due to the recent challenges we are faced with and, for some of us, working from home is unchartered territory. Not only are we dealing with communicating with our customers and colleagues differently, but for some of us, we also have a spouse /partner /children sharing space and either working [...]

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Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19

The fears over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have led to anxiety over food safety throughout the world. In the United States alone, 64% of American consumers said they are avoiding eating out in the hope of eliminating the risk of contracting the virus. According to recent research, food safety trumps taste and is the number one priority for consumers in buying [...]

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Food-Retail Establishments: Creatively Supporting Customers and Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedentedly changed the world and how we do business. Many businesses have suspended operations due to government mandates or fears over spreading the coronavirus. However, essential industries such as healthcare, finance, and supermarkets have remained in service during this health crisis. Supermarkets and grocery stores, eager to do their part in alleviating the crisis and flattening [...]

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