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The sustainable, energy-efficient outdoor refrigeration solution.

The low profile AdaptaPak™ was designed specifically for drug stores, convenience stores and other smaller footprint retail applications.

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Reach-In Merchandising Systems that offer unmatched versatility and give merchandisers a wider choice of fitments for any medium and low temperature application in any department. See how we can bring Clarity to your merchandising.

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Fresh thinking.
Responsible solutions.

Hillphoenix is a leading manufacturer of Display Cases, Specialty Products, Refrigeration Systems, Power Systems and Comprehensive Services. The story of Hillphoenix is built on creativity and customer-centric innovation delivered by people invigorated by a strong sense of responsibility to help our customers win in their marketplaces.




Hillphoenix is proud to partner with industry organizations, research institutions and corporate partners to bring innovative insights to the world of commercial refrigeration and food merchandising. We invite you to learn with us!

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Milk Flavor Profile Influenced by Retail Lighting and Packaging

July 20, 2017 | Display Cases, Lighting

If you’ve ever tasted fresh milk, with its creamy, slightly sweet flavor, you know how delicious good milk can be. You probably also noted the brand and the grocery store it came…

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AdvansorFlex CO2 Brings Sustainable Refrigeration to Retailers of All Sizes

Hillphoenix, a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, now brings HFC-free refrigeration to small and medium-sized retailers. The company’s new AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system delivers all the benefits of natural CO2 refrigeration......read more

Hillphoenix, Platinum Sponsor for ATMO America '17 Announces Partnership with NXTCOLD

Scott Martin talks about ATMOSphere American 2017, NXTCOLD partnership and future plans. Click here to see video.

Hillphoenix Updates SketchUp 3-D Warehouse

SketchUp 3-D modeling platform is an easy way to build 3-D drawings and is growing in popularity. The program features various capabilities and tools that allow users to explore, modify and share design ideas. Hillphoenix uses the Sketchup 3-D Warehouse to store and share over 114 models that represent 87 Hillphoenix cases. Over the next 90 days we will update the 3-D Warehouse with an additional 60 models. So, check it out and let us know if you have questions....visit 3-D Warehouse