Sustainability Center

Want to reduce your refrigerant risks and carbon footprint?

Did you know that Hillphoenix has more equipment installed at GreenChill certified stores than any other manufacturer? Not to mention the ONLY manufacturer with equipment installed at Platinum Awarded Stores. See how we can help YOU!

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Supermarket Sense

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Learn about the latest technologies, effective retail programs and product applications from industry professionals who face the same challenges every day!

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Creativity Center

Want your stores to stand out in the crowd?

Why would you want standard equipment that makes your stores look like someone else’s? We don’t think that makes sense either. That’s why Hillphoenix products offer the flexibility, creativity and innovation to help YOU attract more customers and increase sales.

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Energy Store

Want to reduce your operating costs?

Over the years, Hillphoenix’s leadership in innovation has helped customers significantly reduce their refrigeration energy requirements. See how we have the Energy2Lead. Visit our Energy Store and discover how we can help YOU.

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Fresh thinking.
Responsible solutions.


Why Hillphoenix?

Hillphoenix is a leading manufacturer of Display Cases, Specialty Products, Refrigeration and Power Systems, Walk-Ins and Comprehensive Services.  The story of Hillphoenix is built on creativity and customer-centric innovation delivered by people invigorated by a strong sense of responsibility to help our customers win in their marketplaces.

Fresh thinking. The relationships we build with our customers are as important to our success as the products we manufacture.  This collaborative environment delivers fresh thinking, reassuring our customers that they choose the best when they choose to work with the people of Hillphoenix.  Serving as basis for how we differentiate ourselves and solidify our brand in the marketplace, the results our customers experience reinforce their decision to choose Hillphoenix.

Responsible solutions. With leadership comes a deep sense of responsibility.  At Hillphoenix, our commitment to continuous, customer-centric innovation delivers responsible solutions that are efficient, sustainable and comply with the industry’s regulatory standards.  You are invited to explore our website and understand all about our capabilities and how they will bring value to YOU.  See the commitment we make to each and every one of our customers and learn how the Hillphoenix promise of engineering and design excellence combined with creative, flexible and responsible innovation delivers the confidence of better performance and responsible solutions.

Together, these two guiding principles help our customers sell more products, more efficiently, and more responsibly.

Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. Selects Hillphoenix for Its First CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration System

The Menomonee Falls Pick ‘n Save is one of only a handful of stores in the United States utilizing CO2, an all-natural, green alternative to ozone-depleting HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants. Roundy’s is using the new store to test an array of energy efficient and green technologies including Hillphoenix Cases and Clearvoyant™ LEDs. more

Experience the Colonial Heights, VA Showroom

Hillphoenix invites you to visit our showroom in person and through our interactive floor plan.

It is loaded with photos, cross sections and equipment features! See our newest technologies, innovative solutions, and captivating merchandising ideas to enhance the retail experience.

Frozen by your R-22 dilemma? Check with Hillphoenix for turnkey, responsible solutions

When the eventual end of R-22 was announced and the end date set, supermarket chains and HVACR contractors had several options that ranged from sit and do nothing to wholesale refrigeration systems replacement. What is your plan?

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