Four Reasons Why Self-contained Cases Are Great for Any Store Format

By Published On: January 18, 2023

Finding the right display case is crucial for any food retail store, especially since display cases are essential for most merchandising strategies. Refrigerated display cases maintain product integrity, provide easy product access to customers, and enhance the overall customer shopping experience; that’s why choosing the suitable merchandiser tool is essential for any store operations.

Aside from the conventional remote refrigerated display cases, self-contained cases are becoming well-liked by a lot of food retailers for various reasons. Here are four features of self-contained cases that make them a great choice for any store format:


Self-contained display cases are integrated refrigeration systems that have all the essential operational components, from the compressor to condenser to evaporator and more, inside a single unit. Because the system is wholly contained in the case itself, it offers a multitude of convenience benefits to retailers. A lot of self-contained cases are practically plug-and-play, meaning there’s no need for extensive technical installations as these units are ready-to-use upon purchase. Also, aside from these self-contained cases offering a nice display look with some exhibiting modern glass designs, these units can be moved easily and positioned in any store layout depending on the retailer’s preference.

Lower Up-front Cost

Because retailers are buying a refrigerated display case that already houses all the required operational components inside the unit itself, the overall, up-front cost is lower than that of remote display cases. Food retailers don’t have to have separate refrigeration systems to cool the contents of the display case, they just have to make a single, convenient purchase and they are ready to roll it out on the store floor for use.

Easier Service and Maintenance

Regarding self-contained cases, components are all in the same unit, making it easier for technicians to maintain and service during required troubleshooting and regular upkeep. There is no need to service external condensing systems, saving food retailers money on additional labor costs. Also, since self-contained cases are independent units, technicians can work on a specific damaged unit separately without compromising the other units, eliminating costly disruption and store downtime.


Aside from the functional benefits that self-contained cases offer to food retailers in any store format, self-contained merchandisers are also energy-efficient, most especially those cases that utilize natural refrigerants, such as R-290.  Self-contained cases that use reliable R-290 refrigerant favorably impact food retail store operational costs as they provide a 20-50% reduction in energy usage while being friendly to the environment.

Although choosing a refrigerated display case mostly depends on the need of the retail store, it is also best to consider its holistic impact on store operations. With the advancements in technology as well as the adoption of natural refrigerants in self-contained cases, it’s readily apparent that these high-quality, self-contained cases can be a smart choice that ultimately allows retailers to expand opportunities to hit their store objectives.