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What Makes a Good Self-contained Display Case?

In many food retail establishments, display cases are essential for their everyday operation. Display cases are the bread and butter of many food retail businesses to store and merchandise food, flowers, and other products. Display cases, such as self-contained cases, allow retailers the flexibility they need to merchandise different product applications and mesh with the store’s sales floor layout and [...]

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Display Case

When customers enter your food retail store, one of the first things they notice is your products showcased in your display cases. Well-merchandised display cases in store aisles and food departments easily catch customers’ attention while they browse through their grocery lists. In other words, display cases play an active role in properly promoting your product in-store and are a [...]

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What Does the Future Look Like for Refrigeration Technicians?

For every commercial refrigeration service, whether installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting, we rely on refrigeration technicians to do the job. As a career opportunity, refrigeration technicians are some of the most in-demand jobs in the world today due to the rising need for refrigeration, whether it be in the retail, commercial or industrial sectors worldwide. Landing a spot in the refrigeration [...]

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Four Tips to Keep Your Refrigeration Systems in Tip-Top Shape This Summer

The well-documented and ongoing battle against climate change is leading to increased regulation of the refrigeration industry pushing customers to switch from the use of HFCs as refrigerants to more eco-friendly alternatives, such as natural refrigerants. For example, the use of alternative refrigerants is also heavily driven by the existing and upcoming refrigeration regulations set by different environmental agencies, such [...]

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