Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Display Case

When customers enter your food retail store, one of the first things they notice is your products showcased in your display cases. Well-merchandised display cases in store aisles and food departments easily catch customers’ attention while they browse through their grocery lists. In other words, display cases play an active role in properly promoting your product in-store and are a [...]

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Factors Affecting Food Integrity from Farm-to-Table

Before our food reaches the dinner table, it travels and passes through different stages of distribution from procurement to processing, and finally to our local grocery stores. The freshness of the meat we prepare at home, or the quality of the salad and sandwich we eat for brunch, depends on a lot of factors. When it comes to food integrity, [...]

Simplified Lunch – Where Flavor and Convenience Collide to Appease the Family Divide

Let’s be perfectly honest, kids would much rather have the option to eat “kid-friendly” foods than what grown-ups are eating. That pre-packaged snack meal or peanut butter and jelly sandwich are much more appealing than a salad, hummus, and vegetables or yogurt with fruit. Eating a healthy meal is imperative for growing children and providing that conveniently and on-the-go can sometimes [...]

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Four Revolutionary Ways Supermarkets are Using Technology to Change the Food Retail Industry

Technology has undoubtedly changed how we do business. Whether in healthcare, banking, or education industry, technology has disrupted the world now more than ever. And now, gone are the days when we trudge our shopping carts around grocery stores or wait tirelessly in line at check-out counters because technology is already catching up in the food-retail industry – and it [...]

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Food-Retail Establishments: Creatively Supporting Customers and Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedentedly changed the world and how we do business. Many businesses have suspended operations due to government mandates or fears over spreading the coronavirus. However, essential industries such as healthcare, finance, and supermarkets have remained in service during this health crisis. Supermarkets and grocery stores, eager to do their part in alleviating the crisis and flattening [...]

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How Food-Retailers Could Maximize Online Technology during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many consumers have taken their grocery shopping online during the COVID pandemic. Online shopping has shown a significant surge of adoption over the past few weeks. Post pandemic, it is estimated that this trend will continue and food-retailers should strategize how to maximize online technology for short- and long-term benefits and implement resources for their customers. Enhancing Customer Experience A [...]

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Merchandising Tips for Food Retail Amid COVID-19

The beginning of 2020 has been an eventful one, to say the least. The world has been turned upside down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and grocery stores have been designated as essential businesses supplying the necessary resources to feed and provide for their customers. As a result, businesses are also needing to rethink their store layout and [...]

Grab-and-Go Packaging – Convenience is King

As busy lives get busier, more consumers are moving away from traditional meal times and toward unscheduled snacking that can occur at any time of day.  They’re increasingly interested in snacks with the same high level of quality and freshness they expect from other prepared foods, and that creates opportunities for retailers. Fresh packaged snacks are a space where restaurants [...]

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Promoting Healthy Meal Options in Fresh Prepared Departments

Unique food merchandising displays elevate a supermarket’s fresh prepared, deli and bakery departments. These displays help sell the delicious and savory products retailers pride themselves on creating, but also give shoppers a taste of something new and different that they may not normally eat or buy. The IDDBA 19 Show and What’s in Store Live Booth offered creative merchandising ideas [...]

Supermarket Food Service Operations Require a Customer-Focused Business Plan

Orlando Espinosa is the Founder, Orlando Espinosa + Associates LLC. Orlando Espinosa recently presented “Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Engaging Kitchen Design” at Supermarket Sense 2016 in Conyers, Ga. Supermarket food service operations offer tremendous potential for business owners, which is why a carefully considered plan is essential to success. This is not a case of “if you build it, [...]

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