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What Makes a Good Self-contained Display Case?

By Published On: August 29, 2022

In many food retail establishments, display cases are essential for their everyday operation. Display cases are the bread and butter of many food retail businesses to store and merchandise food, flowers, and other products.

Display cases, such as self-contained cases, allow retailers the flexibility they need to merchandise different product applications and mesh with the store’s sales floor layout and design. Because of its integrated refrigeration system, self-contained display cases are easy-to-use and can be moved anywhere around the store, depending on the floor layout. Since self-contained display cases can be placed in spaces where there is heavy store traffic, like in aisles or along the store perimeter, they strategically play a role in improving sales and store promotions.

But what makes a good self-contained display case? Is it the structure, cooling capacity, aesthetic value, or something else?

Here are some of the factors that make for a good self-contained display case:

Sustainability — Traditional display cases, like refrigeration systems, have an option to run on natural refrigerants, like R290 (propane) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). With the environmental regulations coming into play limiting the use of certain types of HFCs, utilizing natural refrigerant solutions is the future of self-contained display cases. Display cases that utilize natural refrigerants are gaining popularity in commercial refrigeration. With its energy-efficient benefits, the lower total cost of ownership, and its future-focused approach to refrigeration, using R-290 self-contained display cases is worth the investment.

Convenient to Use — Using new refrigeration systems in food retail stores can be daunting, especially if retailers don’t know the ins and outs of properly operating refrigeration equipment. That is why one factor that makes for a good self-contained display case is that it offers convenience, starting with the installation and operation and continuing through any ongoing maintenance. It should not require downtime during installation, be easy to troubleshoot when any issues arise and are pre-assembled and plug-and-play. All the more, the self-contained display case must come from a reliable refrigeration solutions provider to ensure its quality and durability.

Energy-Efficient — Aside from sustainability and ease-of-use factors, one thing that makes for a good, self-contained display case is its energy efficiency. Knowing how high a store’s energy costs can climb from using refrigeration equipment to using energy-efficient, self-contained display cases is vital. Energy efficiency in a self-contained display case can be achieved by employing such things as natural refrigerants, LED lighting, and night covers. Choosing the right self-contained merchandiser is a key decision for any food retail business since it affects dollar sales as well as energy costs throughout the store. By choosing the right self-contained display case, you are not just ensuring optimal store performance and increased profitability, but you are also promising value to your customers by enhancing their in-store, shopping experience – which is the main goal of every food retailer.