Supermarket Sense – Learn How to Elevate Your Brand and Your Revenue

By Published On: December 31, 2021
Don’t let the name fool you! Supermarket Sense is not just about supermarkets

Take your business to the next level by participating in top-notch food retail trainingSupermarket Sense is your inside scoop to the latest trends, upcoming strategies, and the evolving industry.  Join food retail experts as they take you through two days of new insights, meaningful discussions, and eye-opening ideas.  From directors and managers to merchandisers, and from architects to store planners, Supermarket Sense has something for everyone.

Anticipating trends and then preparing for them can be a defining moment for any business.  Let’s make sure you are ready for what’s ahead.  Grocerants, the convergence of health and food industries, juicing, and meal kits are a few of the hot topics you’ll be exposed to this year.  Fresh perspectives from key industry professionals can really help you spotlight opportunities for growth and areas for change in your business.

Keep your food and your customers safe with fresh ideas about packaging and merchandising.  While no one wants to think about foodborne illnesses, learning best practices for prevention, preparation, and training can keep your customers healthy.

Great ideas need to be implemented with even better strategies.  That’s why you’ll hear about how to design your store for trending cuisines, driving more traffic to and within your store.  Digital readiness cannot be overlooked either.  By increasing your digital acumen, you can engage with customers and align your business to suit their needs.  Planning for market relevance gives you a leg up on the competition and keeps you top of mind with your shoppers.

Supermarket Sense ties all of these together for you, along with creating time and space for personal connections and lively discussions.  Don’t miss out on the upcoming trends and how to plan for them.

Past attendees agree that it’s a valuable experience.

“It was great to interact with other people in the industry; getting people’s perspectives, the different ways of handling operations, sharing information, things that I am doing well and things other people are doing well. In general, the whole merchandising experience from cases, the food, to how to reach out to our customers and give them a better store experience and better products really help us with growing our sales and operations.” – Chef Joseph Kratochwill, Somerset Stores LLC

Discover the opportunities that you can experience at Supermarket Sense and gain valuable insight to forge ahead and further build your business.