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The Rise in Demand for Cold Storage and Its Impact on the Food Retail Industry

For many years, cold storage has been the pillar of many industries, such as food retail and pharmaceutical, to maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. It has been a key tool to keep the cold supply chain intact and help cool products in large volumes efficiently and effectively. Today, cold storage facilities are indispensable in the food retail industry due [...]

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Holiday Season in Times of Soaring Food Prices

The upcoming fall and winter holidays are highly anticipated events for most Americans. However, the soaring prices of gas, essential items, and especially groceries,  threaten how we celebrate this year. As we are in the thick of inflation, consumers and retailers are challenged with how to balance expenditures versus cash flow. As expected, retailers are honing their strategies throughout the [...]

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A Look into the Future — Food Retail Predictions for 2023

The food retail industry has been immensely challenged, disrupted, and altered in the past several years, especially since the onset of the global health crisis. Now, as consumer behavior changes and the adoption of technology throughout the food retail landscape booms, the industry is in constant transition. Year over year, we have seen different trends and innovations shaping the food [...]

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The Impact of Gen Z on the Food Retail Industry

The food retail industry isn’t new to adjusting store operations to accommodate customers’ ever-changing needs and shopping behavior. When it comes to demographics, food retailers have shifted tides for boomers who constantly want to shop in-store, while at the same time adopting the online revolution to cater to the demands of the millennials. Now, times have changed because the new [...]

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The Role of E-Commerce in Today’s Complex Food Retail Landscape

The accelerated use of e-commerce in the food retail space has greatly changed how we do things. As consumers, it has become a convenient choice to get our food for our dinner tables from restaurants or grocery stores. As for grocers, the integration of e-commerce in their brick-and-mortar store operations has both increased their market share and boosted their bottom [...]

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Is Online Grocery Meeting its Saturation Point

Online grocery has been an extension to our everyday lives in one way or another, especially during the Covid lockdowns. Fast forward to today — grocery e-commerce platforms play a key role for consumers and retailers worldwide in terms of conveniently meeting our food supply needs. These platforms have come to serve as a viable channel for food retailers to [...]

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How Food Retailers Can Combat the Rising Cost of Goods and Commodities

The recent inflation happening around the globe is adversely affecting many different industries, especially food retail. From the supply chain to food production and processing, to retail store operations, every sector is feeling the impact and bearing the brunt of inflation. The rising cost of goods and commodities continues to be a global challenge and greatly affects how consumers behave [...]

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Get Ready for the Holiday Season — Tips for Grocers on Preparing for the Busy Months Ahead

According to a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This saying holds true and resonates with all of us, not just in our personal lives, but also in business and commerce. This is particularly true in the food retail industry which is composed of an interconnected web of business elements — planning [...]

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Changes in Consumer Buying Behavior in the Thick of Inflation

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the recent calamities happening overseas have hampered the global wheat supply and disrupted food production for meat and poultry. These recent unfortunate events have driven prices to go up and have alarmed food retailers, most especially grocery shoppers worldwide. In the country, almost every aspect of the grocery supply chain has been disturbed causing [...]

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What Makes a Good Self-contained Display Case?

In many food retail establishments, display cases are essential for their everyday operation. Display cases are the bread and butter of many food retail businesses to store and merchandise food, flowers, and other products. Display cases, such as self-contained cases, allow retailers the flexibility they need to merchandise different product applications and mesh with the store’s sales floor layout and [...]

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