Does your meat department need a makeover?

By Published On: December 31, 2021

Want to attract more customers to your high-margin meat and seafood departments? Start by standing where they do — in front of your refrigerated display cases. Then ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is your attention stolen by crowded signs, melting ice, visible cleaning equipment or other distractions?
  • Does lighting give meat an off-putting, brown or grayish hue?
  • Does seafood look slimy, rather than moist?
  • Does product look dry around the edges?
  • Do employees have to turn their backs on you to weigh and wrap product?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a meat department makeover.

The solution starts with technology. Traditional gravity-based, serpentine convection cooling cases circulate air to refrigerate the product. This forced air can cause dryness, discoloration and product shrink. Meat and seafood that doesn’t appear moist and fresh simply won’t sell.

A Coolgenix case can double the display life of a cut of meat because it keeps product at constant, optimal temperature and humidity levels. Here’s how Coolgenix’s conductive refrigeration technology works: Coolant circulates through enclosed channels in deck pans below the product, generating conductive cooling that keeps meat and seafood at the right temperature all the time. A small gravity coil at the top of the case tempers the air and encourages just enough airflow to push moisture-preserving humidity down near the product.

But technology is only the beginning. Once you have a cleaner, more efficient Coolgenix case in your meat department, you can be more creative with your displays. Here’s how:

Put focus on the product. You don’t need ice, pedestals or shelf liners to display your meat and seafood. Place product directly on a flat bottom tray to create mess-free visual interest and texture. Overlap and layer product. Add produce to the display for color and cooking suggestions — everything will look better and last longer in a Coolgenix case.

Add some artistry. Put brighter, thicker cuts of meat in the center of the display case and graduate to the ends with smaller, less colorful cuts. Arrange scallops in spirals. Show off steak in skillets. Create a picnic-table display right in the middle of your meat case. Coolgenix makes it possible, not only because of its unobtrusive display pans, but also because of its uber-efficient design. Meat and seafood stay fresh in the case overnight — no need to pack up product at closing time. If you build a great display, just add more meat or seafood as cuts sell. Then cover the whole display with butcher paper at night. Your culinary work of art will be waiting — fresh, colorful and flavorful — when you open up the next day. What’s more, grocers tell me that Coolgenix saves them as much as three hours of labor a day by eliminating routine case packing and unpacking.

Find a new angle. Coolgenix’s deck pan can lie flat or independently angled at 5, 10 or 15 degrees. Easily create visual interest by showcasing your product at different levels inside the case. What could be simpler?

Meat and seafood have the potential to be high-demand, high-margin sellers. Our Coolgenix cooling technology enables supermarket merchandisers to make over their meat departments and create shopper destinations that drive sales.