Double the display life of cut meat; save employee labor hours with Coolgenix

By Published On: December 31, 2021

Meat and seafood departments present huge, high-margin opportunities for supermarkets. In the consumer’s mind, purchasing meat and seafood from a trusted grocer best ensures it is fresh and safe. These offerings enable grocers to differentiate their stores from discount and online retailers and build loyalty with local shoppers.

But meat and seafood departments present challenges, too. The product is costly and highly perishable. Grocers must make sure they’re refrigerating and displaying meat and seafood properly to reduce waste and the risk of contamination — and to increase sales.

One problem I see in supermarkets again and again is displayed meat and seafood that’s drying out and losing color. The problem often is caused by traditional gravity-based, serpentine convection cooling cases that circulate air to refrigerate the product. This forced air can cause dryness, discoloration and — worst of all — product shrink. The bottom line is meat that loses moisture loses weight, and that reduces its price. And meat and seafood that don’t appear moist and fresh simply won’t sell.

But unique refrigerated case technology such as Hillphoenix’s Coolgenix® line can help. We designed our Coolgenix cases specifically to address the challenges of refrigerating meat and seafood — and our research and development has paid off.

A Coolgenix case can double the display life of a cut of meat by keeping it at constant, optimal temperature and humidity levels.

The secret to Coolgenix’s success lies in conduction. Coolant circulates through enclosed channels in deck pans below the product, generating conductive cooling that keeps meat and seafood at the right temperature all the time. In addition, a small gravity coil at the top of the case tempers the air and encourages just enough airflow to push moisture-preserving humidity down near the product.

Product displayed in a Coolgenix case doesn’t need to be repackaged and stored elsewhere overnight — saving money and freeing employees to better serve customers.

Just cover the product with butcher paper at the end of the day, and it will stay at the optimal temperature and humidity all night long. And because there’s no ice beneath the product, cleanup is quicker, too.

Grocers tell me that Coolgenix saves them as much as three hours of labor a day by eliminating routine case packing and unpacking. That cuts costs and lets employees focus time and energy on customer service — furthering every grocer’s goal of making meat and seafood departments engaging destinations for shoppers.

Coolgenix enables grocers to rethink employees’ roles. You can train them to educate customers about cuts of meat, cooking temperatures and recipes. You can have them conduct cooking demonstrations. You can even train employees about beer and wine so they can suggest pairings to customers interested in specific cuts of meat or seafood. Transform your employees from laborers to customers’ trusted advisers.

Meat and seafood have the potential to be high-demand, high-margin sellers, and our Coolgenix cooling technology reduces grocers’ risk of waste. A Coolgenix case is an investment with a strong rate of return.