Simplified Lunch – Where Flavor and Convenience Collide to Appease the Family Divide

Let’s be perfectly honest, kids would much rather have the option to eat “kid-friendly” foods than what grown-ups are eating. That pre-packaged snack meal or peanut butter and jelly sandwich are much more appealing than a salad, hummus, and vegetables or yogurt with fruit. Eating a healthy meal is imperative for growing children and providing that conveniently and on-the-go can sometimes be a challenge.

With grab-n-go on the rise and the more time-starved consumers have become, eating healthy and eating foods we LOVE was recently served up at IDDBA19!  The perfect lunch concept was presented for “Work Lunches” targeted to adults and “School Lunches” for kids.  How are they different? Seeing that the average person has about 10,000 taste buds which are replaced about every 2 weeks, the flavor was key; however, as people age, some of those taste buds aren’t replaced so the older we get the less working taste buds we have. That’s where the need for spicier foods come into play, and while adults like their food to have a “little kick,” kids are saying “Yuck!” Well, why not make the whole family happy? 

You can pack your flavorful “Work Lunch” and the kids can be equally as excited with their “School Lunch” with one stop to the grocery store!  How does this concept work? 

1.  Choose the right menu items to intrigue the age-appropriate “Eater”. 

2. Pick the right compartmentalized containers to package the food. 

3. Ensure you have the right type of display case to merchandise products.  A great display case is a refrigerated, multi-deck self-service case to appeal to shoppers of all ages

4.  Don’t forget to have signage. This is a must to communicate what is happening inside the display case!

5.  Choose display ware that fits in with the concept. Tell your merchandising story and draw customers in with a well-displayed product

Convenience and flavor are key to make both audiences happy! Focus on your audiences and make it easy, fun and YUM!

Shown is the Hillphoenix QTM self-contained display cases