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“Pandemic Snacking” Is a Thing and Here’s How It May Affect Your Food Retail Business

Gone are the good old days when snacking was just for kids when they were bored or for munching something between meals to “tide you over.” Due to the current COVID health crisis, several eating behaviors have changed—and snacking is one of those. Snacking has evolved from typical and sometimes unhealthy snacks to a renewed focus on healthy snacking observed [...]

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Plant Based Food is Here to Stay

Gone are the days when consumers can only eat meat from animals. Now, the emerging trend of plant-based food is going above and beyond market shares. As the younger generations seek sustainability amid food crisis, plant-based meat, milk, and cellular-based seafood are on the rise. Make room for plant-based foods on your supermarket shelves because it isn’t going anywhere this [...]

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Natural Refrigerants: The Path Forward for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

Ever since the Montreal Protocol has been put in place, the search for natural refrigerants in commercial and industrial refrigeration has continued to be the top priority in the industry. These regulations to phase down Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) to protect the earth’s ozone layer and to address climate change and its negative effects have long-term significance, not just in [...]

The CO2 Equator — Going … Going … Almost Gone!

The game is on! Synthetic refrigerants got out to an early lead but natural refrigerants have come roaring back. CO2 is up to bat and is poised to hit a home run, already having some key hits in this game with demonstrated lower energy and maintenance costs in both commercial and industrial refrigeration applications as well as providing the peace-of-mind [...]

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To Retrofit or Build New Equipment: Retailers Dilemma amid Upcoming Refrigeration Regulations

The future of the commercial refrigeration industry is looking bright, but some challenges remain uncertain. There is one thing we are sure of though: refrigeration regulations are emerging, and it will greatly impact our industry in one way or another, coming sooner rather than later. Compliance with refrigeration regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy, [...]

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How Food Retailers Could Meet the Seafood Demand

Meal preparation and convenience have taken center stage with technology during the Coronavirus pandemic. And, since convenience and safety are in consumers’ minds for all the obvious reasons, fresh, frozen, and easy-to-prepare meals are topping sales charts. Seafood sales, both fresh and frozen, are seeing double-digit growth in 2020 and the growth is expected to continue. For food retailers, this [...]

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How Food Retailers are Preparing for the Second Coronavirus Wave

At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, food retailers were taken aback by unprecedented demand from consumers for essential items in store. From disinfectants and toilet paper to canned goods and frozen food items, retail stores experienced supply shortages. Meeting the demands of concerned consumers was almost impossible but somehow retailers found a way to adjust. So now, as we [...]

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Supermarket Fresh Prepared Is Going to the Dogs (and Cats)!

The supermarket fresh prepared area is finally going to the dogs, but in a good way! Earlier this month, the What’s in Store booth at IDDBA s showcased a unique variation on meal kits, and yes, it’s going to the dogs and cats! While meal kits for humans are on the rise, the pet meal kits are a viable option [...]

Lessons Learned — Share Experiences and Advice with “Newbies” in our Industry

Many of us are constantly learning new things every day, and if you are like me, you become a lifelong learner looking to better yourself with each day. Since this is American Education Week, I started to think about our industry and how we have a great amount of experienced professionals that install, service, troubleshoot and maintain equipment on a [...]

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Capable of Making a Difference — Give Your Refrigeration System a CO2 Boost

Many businesses in recent years have been looking to “future-proof” their operations and the food retail industry is no exception. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and other food retail establishments have been turning to products and services that offer an environmentally friendly alternative for their business. Refrigeration systems and display cases are no exception. Companies are seeking equipment that withstands the impact [...]

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