Food Safety: Kryptonite or Superpower?

By Published On: December 31, 2021
3d Food Safety Word Cloud Concept

No one likes to think about shoppers falling ill after buying something from or visiting your store.  But the threat is real and needs to be addressed with education and proper protocols. Food safety should be top-of-mind for any store owner or manager.

Start your education by joining ServSafe Certified Trainer, Michael Williams, for his talk about foodborne illness prevention.  Knowledge of basic food safety, the importance of employee personal hygiene, and what types of pathogens and toxins your store is exposed to can go a long way in avoiding the spread of illness.  Acknowledging the trickiest areas of your store can open your eyes to opportunities for risk reduction.  After educating yourself, it’s key to pass this on to your store staff in the form of regular updates and store audits.

Protocols have been developed by industry experts as a way to save you time, money, and risk.  You don’t have to experiment with how to receive and prepare food or sanitize workstations.  Take advantage of proven protocols that will allow you to implement them right away in your stores and keep your shoppers contagion-free.  Michael will share food handler insights and methods to control temperatures during his session.

If you aren’t familiar with abbreviations like PHF or HACCP, then your store may be in danger of cross-contaminating batches of foods and surfaces.  From produce to meal prep, meat to grocerant, knowing critical foods and points of contact can make a difference in how safely you serve your shoppers.

Managing foodborne illnesses and other health-related food issues don’t have to be scary or worrisome.  It can be inspiring, educational, and motivational with the right tools.  Join us at Supermarket Sense for a glimpse of how food safety is done right.