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Relevance Is King for Market Share

By Published On: December 31, 2021
Relevance is King for Market Share

Evolution is part of any industry, including food retail.  In order to stand the test of time and to navigate the latest trends and newcomers, it’s increasingly imperative to remain relevant.  It’s not just about surviving — it’s the key to thriving.

What does relevance have to do with long-term success?  It’s how you build customer loyalty, stay top-of-mind with shoppers, and stand out in the sea of stores, even as changes occur.  But wanting relevance isn’t enough to achieve it.  You need to start with a strategy, and Harold Lloyd will be helping you build yours at Supermarket Sense.

Standing out remains any business’ dream, particularly when an industry is undergoing a shift.  There’s no time like the present to identify your store’s strengths and make them shine.  Lloyd will help you hone in on how to differentiate your grocery store in four to five key areas and then maximize them for your customers.  Building a plan to stand out is the foundation for relevance.

A plan is fruitless without a strategy.  As you complete your Mission Matrix, you’ll be able to create a greater vision for your store in addition to declaring specific details on how to get there.  This Matrix becomes your go-to guide for customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and market share.

With areas to differentiate and a Matrix to follow, execution comes in the form of unified focus. All of your store’s efforts go in to standing out and following the plans you laid to make it happen.  Employees are engaged and on board.  Signage, advertising, packaging, and merchandising support the vision.  When all of your efforts go into supporting how you can stand out, it’s much easier to make it happen repeatedly.

Let Harold Lloyd show you how to remain relevant to your shoppers and the market.  Join us for Supermarket Sense and create your plan, fine-tune your strategy, and stake your claim in the ever-changing food-retail industry.