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Inspiration to Integration, Supermarket Sense Has It All

Excellence doesn’t materialize in isolation.  It’s the result of sharing ideas, participating in discussions, sketching out fresh objectives, and drafting a plan for execution.  Supermarket Sense is designed with all of this in mind for you and your food retail organization. Finding inspiration is simple in an opportune environment.  Soak up the latest on food trends, sample flavorful juices, and [...]

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Hillphoenix supports Coolgenix customers with onsite training

By Derek Gosselin Hillphoenix Systems Product Manager Using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant seems like a new solution to today’s challenge of lowering the global warming potential of commercial refrigeration systems. But, as industry researcher James M. Calm has documented, the use of CO2 as a refrigerant actually stretches back to 1866. In subsequent decades CO2, ammonia and other early [...]

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Use food demonstrations to connect with customers

By Justin Webster Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist On September 22-23, Hillphoenix hosted Supermarket Sense, a gathering of industry experts designed to educate food retailers about current and future trends — and how to make the most of them. One of the sessions I led was called “How to Engage Customers and Increase Shopper Dependency.” We covered everything from shopper loyalty [...]

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Restaurant trends create opportunities for supermarkets

By Mark DiDomenico Datassential, Inc. Today’s consumer is much more engaged with the foods and beverages they consume. Subsequently, they are driving faster adoption of trends. Nowhere is this more evident than in the restaurant channel, where operators are challenged with developing new and enticing menu options for their patrons’ ever evolving tastes. Those trends are also providing great challenges [...]

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Goodbye, gourmet: Artisan is the new buzz word

By Hannah Thompson Educator & Trainer for ANCO Fine Cheese Looks like the word “artisan” has been hijacked! Subway sandwich shops now offer artisan sandwiches, and Domino’s offers artisan pizza. What does “artisan” really mean? It’s meant to refer to foods that are hand-crafted in smaller batches and made with high-quality ingredients, such as ice cream, cheese and bacon. The [...]

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A good time to be in the business of crafting things

Remember Gourmet magazine? Everything imported; if it wasn’t French or Italian, it pretended to be. Today the magazine – as well as that kind of thinking – have gone the way of Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat. Since Alice Walker opened Chez Pannise in Berkeley in 1971, restaurants have moved away from the Gourmet idea of fine dining – toward the [...]

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Mapping shopper’s eye leads to 22% sales jump

By Jack Sjogren Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist Here’s a great story about the power of lighting and proper merchandising. Driscoll’s, one of the world’s largest distributors of fresh berries, wanted to amp up sales from its “Berry Patch” displays, which it creates for select partner retailers. Each Berry Patch features strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries merchandised in a refrigerated display [...]

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Retailers and industry experts gather for Hillphoenix’s Supermarket Sense

By Henry Pellerin Hillphoenix Vice President of Marketing As traditional food-selling lines crisscross and blur — think grocerant — retailers increasingly seek insights from vendors with a view across multiple environments. At Hillphoenix, we have that broad view because our people are on the ground in traditional supermarkets, convenience stores and meal-oriented small-format operations. We transform what we learn in [...]

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Show-and-sell strategy leads to hot foods program success

By Kim Camp, Learning Center Programs Manager and Justin Webster, Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist Grocery shoppers love the convenience and variety of ready-to-eat meals. In response, about 75% of food retailers plan to set up self-service bars by early next year, according to a Supermarket News survey published in April. But hot food program newbies have a few things to [...]

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Combine food art, science, & trends to drive fresh ideas

As the supermarket industry continues to expand and evolve, it’s become even more essential to anticipate trends and shoppers’ needs. This is precisely why Hillphoenix is part of bringing together in-house experts and industry professionals for another year of Supermarket Sense.  Join us September 20-21, 2017 in Conyers, GA to boost your insights into trends, strategies, and goals.  Across two [...]

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