Supermarkets: Combine Food Art, Science, Trends to Drive Fresh Ideas

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Combine food art, science, & trends to drive fresh ideas

Combine food art, science, & trends to drive fresh ideas

Combine food art, science, & trends to drive fresh ideas

As the supermarket industry continues to expand and evolve, it’s become even more essential to anticipate trends and shoppers’ needs.

This is precisely why Hillphoenix is part of bringing together in-house experts and industry professionals for another year of Supermarket Sense.  Join us September 20-21, 2017 in Conyers, GA to boost your insights into trends, strategies, and goals.  Across two days, you’ll be inspired to create a crave-worthy store with sensory experiences for your shoppers.  And let’s not forget the importance of lighting, strategic packaging, and the upcoming trends with flavors.

Here are just a few topics that should catch your attention:

If shoppers aren’t talking about your grocery store, then they aren’t spending money there either.  Attract them to your supermarket, create that “special something” they can’t quite put their finger on, and watch wallets open.   If you don’t know how to make your store craveable, it’s time to learn directly from Harold Lloyd.

Is your store a feast or famine for the senses?  Treat and delight your shoppers by appealing to their what they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.  Food is a sensory experience, so shopping for it should be, too.  Margie Proctor will guide you to use the five senses as hooks for your market.

Speaking of senses, the look of your produce may be turning shoppers away.  As fresh produces takes over more of the perimeter, you must make a solid first impression.  Don’t dismiss the customer’s perception when it comes to freshness and layout.  Anne-Marie Roerink is teaching Supermarket Sense attendees about the power of produce and how to create a wow with a win for your store.

And it’s time to shed a light on your lighting.  LEDs may be making your products less appealing by stealing their vivid colors.  An effort to save energy expenses shouldn’t cost you valuable sales.  Jack Sjogren will take you through how to use different color temperatures to maximize shopper impact as well as how to change lighting from behind doors to open merchandising.

The bottom line is that Supermarket Sense is about protecting your bottom line with improved shopper experiences, higher impact to sales, and better profitability for your store.  Since registration for this event is of no cost to you, it just makes sense to sign up today.

Past attendees agree that this is a valuable experience for industry leaders:

“I would highly recommend Supermarket sense. I feel there is a depth of knowledge here that I haven’t found in other presentations or programs throughout the country, and I have visited many stores and conferences. This was jam packed with information. I feel that I am leaving with a highly regarded group of professionals that I can use as a resource going forward.”

— Jonathan Raduns, Merchandising Food LLC

*Speakers and noted meals on agenda are of no cost to you; travel and accommodations are not provided.

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