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Goodbye, gourmet: Artisan is the new buzz word

Goodbye, gourmet: Artisan is the new buzz word

By Hannah Thompson
Educator & Trainer for ANCO Fine Cheese

Looks like the word “artisan” has been hijacked! Subway sandwich shops now offer artisan sandwiches, and Domino’s offers artisan pizza. What does “artisan” really mean? It’s meant to refer to foods that are hand-crafted in smaller batches and made with high-quality ingredients, such as ice cream, cheese and bacon.

The dairy farmer was once the producer, processor, distributor and marketer of his own milk; that trend is returning as today’s consumers ask for farmstead-made cheeses and other dairy products produced locally with minimal processing. Beyond the cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, locavores are purchasing beef, beer and wine made or harvested in the artisanal fashion as micro brewing, baking and wine making have also moved toward on-site, small-scale processing.

Where does the retailer come in? Join me on Sept. 22-23 for Supermarket Sense, where we’ll talk about how small-scale processors are marketing their products at a variety of markets and specialty food retail stores – and consumers are following.

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