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A good time to be in the business of crafting things

A good time to be in the business of crafting things


Remember Gourmet magazine? Everything imported; if it wasn’t French or Italian, it pretended to be. Today the magazine – as well as that kind of thinking – have gone the way of Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat.

Since Alice Walker opened Chez Pannise in Berkeley in 1971, restaurants have moved away from the Gourmet idea of fine dining – toward the newer, healthier local food movement. Case in point: The Farmhouse restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. Chef and entrepreneur Trey Cioccia opened The Farm House, his first restaurant, in the SoBro neighborhood in 2013. His concept focuses on traditional Southern cuisine and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients including house-cured and smoked meats, homemade vinegars and house- preserved produce. His sources are local purveyors including Noble Springs Dairy, Bear Creek Farm and Kenny’s Farm House Cheese. He also offers fresh vegetables from his own garden for a true “farm to fork” dining experience.

Join me on Sept. 22-23 for Supermarket Sense, where we’ll take an up-to-the-minute look at locally-sourced artisanal foods and how they’re showing up in supermarkets.

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