Inspiration to Integration, Supermarket Sense Has It All

By Published On: August 16, 2018

Excellence doesn’t materialize in isolation.  It’s the result of sharing ideas, participating in discussions, sketching out fresh objectives, and drafting a plan for execution.  Supermarket Sense is designed with all of this in mind for you and your food retail organization.

Finding inspiration is simple in an opportune environment.  Soak up the latest on food trends, sample flavorful juices, and open your mind to new perspectives about how to keep your store relevant in the current market.  Discover new menu ideas, explore how meal kits can impact your bottom line, and consider how you can introduce new flavors to your shoppers.  Anyone of these talks could inspire your store’s next popular product or service.

A symposium wouldn’t be complete without collaboration, especially amongst peers.  Breakout sessions and open discussions are just the starts of talking about and planning your ideas.  Who doesn’t love to network and brainstorm over food?  The hands-on lunch will be a highlight to get the creative and collaborative juices flowing.  Put your inspirations to the test and see what Food Studio predicts for popularity in a working session.  Supermarket Sense is about getting you involved with the speakers and each other to maximize your experience.

Without integration, your inspiration and collaboration will get lost in the everyday workings of your business.  You won’t have to leave Supermarket Sense without goals and plans to reach them.  Whether you are sketching out how to embrace the digital age or considering a new venue or program, you’ll have the insights and know-how to get them done.  Put all your plans and goals in one place by writing your S.M.A.R.R.T.E.S.T and be ready to put them in action.

Join us to get inspired, collaborate with peers, and integrate your ideas into goals and plans at Supermarket Sense this year.