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Destination Centers: Layout and Flow Can Make or Break the Customer Experience

By Published On: December 31, 2021

By Margie Proctor
Hillphoenix Marketing & Design Specialist

Consumers are looking to grocers to please their sophisticated palettes and to help solve the problem of how to give their families and themselves high-quality meals despite their busy schedules. Grocers are responding with Destination Centers: from full-scale grocerants and fresh prepared dishes for takeout to wine and beer bars and cheese or chocolate shops.

Destination Centers can vary widely in type and number, but whatever route is taken, one thing holds true: The layout and flow has tremendous impact on the customer experience, staff performance, and sales. The design experts at Hillphoenix can help you plan and execute efficient, engaging Destination Centers that fit your space and encourage shoppers to browse, linger, and ultimately purchase more.

Here we share some food for thought on achieving good layout and flow.

Location within the store

At any given moment, some of the customers in your store are there to visit a Destination Center; others to do routine shopping. You want to merchandise to both. So, your beer and wine bar, for example, should be visible from the beer and wine aisles. The shopper who wants to pick up an everyday table wine might add a special bottle to her cart after sampling it at the Destination Center.

Layout and flow within the Destination Center

Form follows function: Think about what you want to achieve. What look and feel are you going for? The design concept is the foundation for developing the layout and flow of the space.

Two roles, one mission: Most Destination Center staff will be preparing food and interacting with customers. The arrangement of food and equipment needs to let them fill both roles comfortably and easily.

Everything in its place: Think about what customers will see up close. Fresh ingredients should be front and center, while items like knife holders, staging areas, and waste areas should be designed into work counters and out of view.

These are just a few of the considerations that go into creating Destination Centers that are efficient for your staff and inviting for your customers. Hillphoenix can help you iron out the details that make your store shoppers’ go-to place.

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