Destination Centers

Overhauling the Ordinary

Food defines us. It defines the tastes, textures and feelings that flood through our memories. A destination center excites the senses and has the ability to inspire us and create new food memories right in your supermarket aisles. Learn how to transform and ordinary store into an extraordinary one.


Destination Centers


With the ever-changing food landscape and business challenges from competition and e-commerce, food retailers are seeking innovative strategies to retain loyal customers and attract new shoppers. Destination Centers placed in locations throughout the store are an effective strategy for savvy retailers to engage their shoppers and turn them into customers. A well-thought-out Destination Center considers layout and equipment flow, flexibility and versatility; maximizes merchandising, lighting, and décor; and leverages staff training and product knowledge. Hillphoenix provides the equipment and expertise to help retailers deploy successful Destination Centers.

Overhauling the Ordinary

Ordinary is no longer enough when it comes to the discerning shopper. Time, attention, and interaction are key to influencing today’s shopper, keeping them happy and gaining their trust. But how is this accomplished? It is done through the creation of many positive interactions during their shopping experience, ones that influence their purchasing decisions and expand your brand. It requires the creative implementation of the 5 critical factors for designing a successfull Destination Center.

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5 Critical Factors

1. Layout & Flow
2. Food Selection
3. Equipment Versatility
4. Merchandising Creativity
5. Invest in Talent


Flexibilty for small & large stores

The top 3 drivers for small and large format stores are price, convenience, and quality. However, today’s shoppers are also focusing on health and wellness. Find a way to leverage the new means for connecting with shoppers that is sweeping our industry: Destination Centers.

Define your Destination with experience

An attractive display case is a tool to enable a chef or team member to create food masterpieces.  Designing versatility and flexibility into the equipment allows knowledgeable staff to create a memorable experience to keep shoppers coming back for more.

Getting started...

Create a list of possibilities for how a current area in your store can be transformed into a Destination Center.  Ensure a design team is part of the planning process from the get-go to assist with the application of the 5 critical factors of a successful Destination Center.  Click here to follow Hillphoenix on social media and learn more about these 5 critical factors.

Hot Foods Programs: Which Works Best? White Paper

The importance of food safety in today’s competitive environment cannot be over emphasized.  Since the ready-to-eat segment has become a key component in supermarkets, food safety has become more of a crucial concern.  What is your approach to maintaining hot food safety? For more information click here


Creating Fresh Destinations


Today’s destination centers are about offering more than just fresh, fast and convenient food options. New players in the arena recognize that successful approaches focus on other factors beyond the specific items they feature. While food selection and menu variety are key factors, more practical considerations like the physical layout and flow of areas as well as the versatility and flexibility to quickly and effectively switch from one meal type to another are of the greatest importance. Just as important as the physical aspects, however, are the people directly involved. Successful destination centers ultimately depend on the talent they deploy. Click here to learn more

Creating a Destination Center with i2i Islands


Take islands to the next level with exciting options that provide the means for any department of your store to be transformed into a destination center.  Click here 

Food For Thought


Build a team that is armed with the knowledge, resources and empowerment to sell your products.  No longer will your team need to learn as they go!  The Hillphoenix Learning Center will equip your team with insights, ideas, and tools about various category products in your store, to deliver your shoppers an unforgettable experience. Click here to access a complete library of “Food 4 Thought” videos on The Hillphoenix YouTUBE channel.