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Ease of Installation Simplifies the Path to Small-Format CO2 Refrigeration

Ease of Installation Simplifies the Path to Small-Format CO2 Refrigeration

Ease of Installation Simplifies the Path to Small-Format CO2 Refrigeration

For small-format retailers interested in making the switch to natural CO2 refrigeration, their options just got considerably more appealing. AdvansorFlex, the latest addition to Hillphoenix’s evolving Advansor CO2 platform, is engineered to ensure straightforward installation and smooth operation from day one. Whether part of a new store construction or a remodels, the installation of refrigeration equipment is a major consideration in terms of project costs, feasibility, and completion time—particularly when minimizing downtime is part of the equation. With AdvansorFlex, scalability and ease of installation now go hand-in-hand.

Less Onsite Prep

Every feature of the AdvansorFlex CO2 system is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, alleviating installation headaches even before the unit ships to the store location. The unit’s insulated, sound-resistant, weatherproof enclosure reduces the need for onsite noise-proofing and keeps the system safe from environmental elements, making AdvansorFlex ideally suited to either indoor or outdoor installation.

Each AdvansorFlex unit requires a dual-point electrical connection, making electrical installation simpler and less expensive than with a traditional system. A built-in exhaust fan provides a means of dissipating any excessive heat buildup within the unit without the need for onsite ventilation modifications.

Easier Setup

AdvansorFlex CO2 ships as an easy-to-manage package. Forklift access makes it easy to position the unit indoors, and a mechanically fastened rack frame eliminates the need for onsite welding or painting. With its smaller footprint, AdvansorFlex takes up less floor space and is easy to maneuver into place in equipment rooms or on rooftops.

The system’s EMS controls tie in easily with existing building controllers. AdvansorFlex uses smaller, more economical copper piping sizes, which are also easier for contractors to work with. A compact receiver, integrated with the suction accumulator, reduces the number of components to install and service and eliminates the need for complex piping.

Fundamentally Simple

CO2 refrigeration has been around for 150 years, but it fell out of favor with the introduction of freon in the 1930s. Today, as environmental regulations force the phase-out of HCFCs and HFCs and retailers to catch on to the sustainability advantages of natural refrigeration, more technicians and contractors are learning the ins and outs of this alternative technology. And while proper training is key, most experienced refrigeration technicians find that CO2 refrigeration is surprisingly simple to learn. The components may be different—and often less complex—than conventional food refrigeration systems, but the installation and operation are elegant, and the fundamentals are the same.

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